Sunday, January 1, 2012

Favorites From 2011

I did this last year and wanted to continue the tradition.  I like looking back on what we did over the past year!

JanuaryThis was Hunter's very first The Little Gym show week!  It is so amazing to look back at that post and see how much he has grown and developed in almost a year. He still loves every minute of TLG (and so do we).  Our New Years post was my second favorite.

FebruaryA post on our crazy weather.  It had snowed and then it was in the 60's. I got to dress Hunter up in his snow bunny suit and then we got to go play at the park a few days later.

MarchWhat Hunter was up to at 9 months.  I love looking back at what Hunter was doing each month before he turned 1.

AprilHunter's 1st Easter.  He enjoyed his basket of goodies, but not so much the Easter grass (don't worry buddy, I'm not a fan either!).  Hunter's first use of sign language and his zoo trip were close seconds.

MayHunter taking his first (technically second) steps!  I love watching him walk with his sea legs... not quite sure what is going on, but still really excited that he is moving his legs like that.  I loved this post because it reminds me how blessed I am to have such great friends.  I also loved this post because it was the last monthly update before our little man turned 1.

JuneHunter turned 1!!  I wrote a series of posts about his 1st birthday party.  I still can't believe we have had him in our lives for that long.  It still seems like yesterday that I was snuggling him in the hospital!

JulyWe went for our first family vacation down in NC with the Lewis family.  It was so much fun and so relaxing.  I would love to do that every year!  I also admitted to being a crazy mom and I started our kitchen remodel (which, as you saw from my new years resolutions, I still have to finish).  I also wrote my first guest post.

August- Carl and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  I posted Hunter's 1 year photo session with Sarah and the progress of the kitchen remodel.  It was also a sad month as I had my first real experience (old enough to realize what was going on) with someone I knew passing away.  We had a family fundraiser for Joe Weschler to support his wife and son who survived the car fire.

SeptemberI left Hunter and Carl for the weekend for the first time.  I went to D.C. for Katie's bachelorette party.  We also had a mini photo session with BeniBee before she moved and I posted videos of Hunter talking.  I also posted this funny picture set of Hunter with some rocks and announced Carl's new school journey.

OctoberMy childhood best friend and my high school best friend got married (to each other) and I was so honored to be a part of their wedding!  It was fabulous.  We had a baby sprinkle for Kelly and welcomed baby Alyssa this month!  Hunter had his first 2 word combination!

NovemberI finally posted about Halloween, ha.  I was interviewed for the first time by a writer.  I posted about Hunter's development and some things I was very thankful for.

DecemberChristmas!  Hunter was old enough to be excited about things, but still not old enough to understand the concept.  He loved opening a few gifts and playing with toys.  We saw a lot of Santa this December!  We went to Christmas Town for the first time and Hunter rode rides for the first time.  Kelly took some pictures of our family and Hunter turned 18 months!

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