Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorites from 2010

I've seen a few different versions of favorite blog posts from each month in 2010 (projects, photos, etc.). I decided to just do my own version... my favorite posts.

January- We found out that we were having a little boy. We announced that his name would be Hunter Allen.

February- We had our Level 2 ultrasound to check on Hunter's cysts and remeasure his limbs. We discovered one cyst had disappeared and the other had shrank. We were having a healthy little boy.

March- Kelly, Ashley, and I made letters for Hunter's room. Thanks again ladies for helping me! I love you guys.

April- Another 3d/4d ultrasound of Hunter. We saw his chubby cheeks for the first time and saw how flexible our little boy is. He kept that foot up by his face the whole pregnancy and still puts those feet in his face.

May- I finished grad school and received my Master's in speech therapy. Yay!

June- Since his birth announcement didn't have the detail of his birth, I wanted his birth story as the favorite for June. I do love the announcement that he had arrived!

July- Hunter's newborn pictures.

August- Hunter's first swim. Our 2nd wedding anniversary was a close second.

September- Lots of firsts... first beach trip, first The Little Gym class, etc. I also loooved our family pictures post.

October- Ashley and Chris' wedding. I think I still have dreams about this beautiful day.

November- Hunter's first tooth. This post also previewed a picture from our beach photo session with Sarah. Which I still have to post pictures!

December- Hunter's first Christmas. December had a lot of posts (16, really?) so it was hard to pick. But this one is just a good memory; you only have one first Christmas with your baby.

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