Monday, March 21, 2011

9 months old

9 months?! Really?! Where has the time gone?

At 9 months:
-Wearing size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes. You fit in some 18 month onesies, but the pants are still a little too long (although some of the 12 month pants are becoming too snug, chunky monkey).
-Crawling!! Real crawling. This started about 5 days after you turned 8 months. But you are EVERYWHERE! If I turn my back even for a second you are gone! And you have a great compensation strategy for our hardwood floors when you're in pants. So clever.
-You are waving hi and bye at appropriate times, like.... when you see someone new, we get out of the car and are walking up to the house, you see Daddy is walking up to the door, we are leaving Miss Cathy's (you actually turn to your friends and wave to them), we are leaving the house and you are saying bye to Koal or Daddy, etc., etc.
-Giving high-fives to whoever will give you one. You especially like them when you're in the jumper or eating.
-Labeling. Calling me Mama (which you've been saying, but I wasn't sure you were labeling, but I definitely know you are labeling us now), Carl- Dada, Koal- Dah or Dahdah (you don't have the /g/ yet), and you are calling Fish something, but I'm not quite sure what it is (and then you growl at Fish after saying his name).
-Pulling up on everything. Not cruising too much, but moving some. If we spot you in your elbows or upper torso, you take steps. You have been doing well standing, unsupported for a good 5-10 seconds before you loose your balance.
-You do great at sitting up. Last month you were trying to figure out how to sit up, now you know how to get to sitting from whatever position you're in. It is just amazing what a month does!
-You have a knack for going after things you shouldn't play with... your fan, our shoes, the computer cord. I thought we had done a good job baby proofing, I guess we need to revisit this.
-You are an eating machine!  Not just baby food, but people food.  You had spaghetti at Aunt Kelly's for the first time this weekend.  Today you had half of a banana, some cucumber, some clementine oranges, Puffs, veggie sticks, some of my muffin, and 4 oz of milk (and then a little bit later 5 oz. of juice).  FATTY!

It isn't officially until tomorrow, but I will be playing in a faculty vs. 5th grade basketball game so I won't have time to be on the computer.

Friday we go for his 9 month check-up.  I will post his official height and weight.


Katherine said...

Gosh, he is growing SO FAST!!! I need to see him soon before he starts school (which will be all too soon!!)!! I love all of you!!

Anonymous said...

Aww. He is growing up so quickly!