Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I stole this idea from Amanda.  I think about things I should do in the new year, but I typically never do them.  Maybe if I put them in writing I will actually do them!  With that said (and if you hop over to Amanda's blog, they are going to be almost the exact same as hers, haha, great minds think alike!)

1.  First and foremost, this is my number one priority.  Going through grad school with Carl working full time and me working very part time, we have some debt.  We've played around with a budget and actually stuck to one for 2 months and then fell off the wagon.  This year, we will stick to a budget and pay off debt.  I would love for the only things to have by the end of 2012 is our mortgage, my school loan, and Carl's school loan.  Luckily, we don't have a car payment, so this shouldn't be hard.  I've started reading Dave Ramsey's book (thanks Ashley).

2.  Keep our house cleaner.  Don't get me wrong, our house is by no means "dirty".  But I don't vacuum every day like I should.  Our office isn't very organized (I know... something in my house not organized with my crazy OCD).  We have a small house with a lot of stuff.  So I want to make better use of our space!  I get rid of stuff all the time.  Currently I have Hunter's changing table ready to give to the thrift store, I just wanted to make sure none of our friends needed one (so if you do, I haven't set the pick up yet... but I will next week.  Message me if you want it!).

3. Run a 5k.  I started the Couch To 5k earlier this month, but haven't kept up with it.  I was feeling really good running (the first day was awful) and Hunter was enjoying riding along.

4.  Be more crafty.  I already made some leg warmers out of an old sweater with an idea I found on Pinterest.  I have a Valentine's Day wreath I want to make.  I just want to do some fun things and show Hunter that we can make cute, cheap things!

5.  Finish the kitchen remodel.  Really, I just have to paint the walls.  How hard could that be?!  After those cabinets, the thought of picking up a paint brush makes me feel sick to my stomach.  I just have to get over that.  Our kitchen looks funny and I need to fix that.

6.  This one I need the help from Carl.  Finish getting everything else in the house ready so we can eventually sell it once he is finished with school.  We need to tile our back bathroom (I say we, I really mean Carl), put a fresh coat of paint in the bathroom, paint our bedroom, and probably re-carpet all the rooms.  The carpets could probably wait until right before we put the house on the market.  And then we have to get the yard and flower bed ready.  Need some curb appeal.

There.  It is out there for anyone to read.  These are my goals for 2012.

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