Sunday, September 4, 2011

Girls' Weekend

This weekend I was able to celebrate the pending marriage of one of my BFFs.  Not to be big headed or anything, but Carl and I hooked them up.  Yessss.

Katie and I grew up together.  I think we met when we were like 3 and 4, on a see-saw, in Washington, D.C.  Our sisters played on the same soccer team and they were playing in the big WAGS tournament in D.C.  Stephen and I went to high school together and were best friends in high school.  He also lived with Carl and I for a year when we rented a house before we were married.
We celebrated Air's birthday Friday night

Back to the weekend... Katie's sister now lives in D.C. and we (7 girls... 6 of us in my SUV) headed up there and stayed 2 nights.

Saturday morning we got ready and headed out to wineries.  4 to be exact, in the beautiful mountains.  I'm not a wine person (in all honesty, I'm not really an alcohol person... period); I've never liked the after taste.  But I knew I would have fun whether I liked the wine or not.

The first winery was so cozy.  Our lady was awesome.  She took her time, didn't sound scripted, and chatted with us like she was one of our girlfriends.  And the wine... amazing!  I may have not loved every wine, but I liked them.  I even bought a wine.  I know... I was speechless, too!

After this winery, we went to our next stop.  We weren't rushed, but she didn't take her time like the first one.  And she was very scripted.  I did like one wine, but wasn't a fan of the others.
There was another bridal party that came in

Me and Katie

Katie received her first (and only) kiss of the day

The third winery we arrived early.  There was another party there, and we told the lady we were in no rush.  But she told us to come on up to the "bar".  She was rushing through each wine.  I felt like I was taking shots of wine, none of which I liked.  Katie told me those wines were probably for people with a more acquired taste of wine.  We had lunch after this winery, which was a good thing because all those "shots" of wine were catching up to us (I'm pretty sure they caught up to me at the second winery).
Lunch time!  Yum!

The last winery was a very big place on the water.  It was beautiful.  I couldn't tell you if I liked any of the wine there; it all started to taste the same to me.  I do remember one had an after taste of a pickle which I definitely didn't like, lol.

What is a bachelorette party without something like this?!

I napped on the way back to Jill's place.  We watched a bunch of youtube videos (thanks Laura for the nightmares) and finally headed out to dinner at 10.  We came back home and stayed up for a while before hitting the hay.
Off to dinner!

It was a great weekend!  I missed my boys, but it was nice to have girl time.  Katie and Stephen, I'm soooo excited for your wedding next month.  I cannot wait to celebrate that day and stand up there with you guys while you promise your lives to each other.  Love you guys!

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Sounds like a great time. Cute photos. :)