Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boo Bash and The Great Pumpkin Bash

Yesterday Hunter and I went to The Boo Bash at The Little Gym. This year, I didn't have to dress up since I wasn't working, but Hunter dressed up! :] Sorry, I only have one picture. We love TLG, Hunter has so much fun in his Saturday morning class. :]
With Miss Erin

Today Hunter, Carl, and I headed off to the property of our best friends' church for their annual Great Pumpkin Bash. They have a huge lot of land and such a great set up for the Bash. There were games, a hay ride, face painting, and a pumpkin patch... all for free. Chris and the band were singing and everyone is just so nice and friendly. Hunter got to snuggle with Aunt Ashley and Uncle Chris (even fell asleep on Chris). It was a lot of fun. It will be so fun next year when Hunter will be running around and playing games. :] Thanks Ash and Chris for the invite!

This poor guy suffered a TBI when he was getting off the truck
He had a massive headache

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 Month Check Up

Today we went for Hunter's 4 month check-up. Carl and I compile a list of questions to ask our pediatrician in the months between each appointment. The biggest concern this check-up was his terrible skin rash. We will come back to that. It always makes me upset with the shots. Hunter was just soooo happy laughing and smiling at us and at the pediatrician. Then the nurses came in and it was like he knew. He knew they were going to stick him with needles and he did not like it. He gave them the evil eye. Then they stuck him and he cried that terrible cry. My eyes only watered this time, but he would not calm down until we left that room. Anyways... here is a summary of how the appointment went:

*Hunter is 16 pounds even. 75th percentile. He is 26 1/2 inches long. 90th percentile.
*He has a very bad milk and soy protein allergy. I have mentioned this in the past. But it has gotten worse. His poor skin looks terrible. This concerned our pediatrician and now Hunter has to be on either Alimentum or Nutramigen. We have started with the Nutramigen (you get more for your money). We will give it a few days to see if it is helping before we try the Alimentum. The pediatrician also suggested we use Dove Sensitive Skin body wash on him. So tonight we will be using that.
*Due to his allergy, we cannot start cereal until he is 6 months. I wasn't going to start it before he gave us the okay because I know the terrible food aversions that can happen if you start babies too early on food. We also cannot feed him eggs, peanut butter, shell fish, and one other thing (I wrote it down) until he is at least 1.
*This skin rash may develop into eczema. Because of this, he could also have asthma (the pediatrician say they are related... hence why they sound alike).
*He received 2 shots and an oral vaccine today. :/
*Pediatrician says he is looking great and developing nicely.

In other news... he has been rolling from front to back (and clearing his arm) and back to front for the past week very well. He gets frustrated with himself when he gets on his belly because he doesn't really want to be there.

The past two nights he has unswaddled himself and we have had to reswaddle him so he would go back to sleep. I have also found him with his butt in the corner of his crib, feet straight in the air in the morning. Silly kid.

He puts himself to sleep and down for naps now (for the most part). Here is how he puts himself to sleep for naps:

Hunt Club

Carl, Hunter, and I went to Hunt Club Farms this past weekend with our best friends Harry, Kelly, and little Miss Emma. Emma had a blast running around and petting the animals. I can't wait until next year when Hunter is running around with Emma. Emma also loved jumping while on the hay ride (although, I do believe I saw a sign that told everyone to remain seated). We broke another rule... we allowed Emma to ride in the wagon things that you can carry your pumpkins back to the car (I will say that there are no sign saying that this was not acceptable).

We picked out our pumpkins and will carve them sometime this week. Here are some pictures from the adventure.
The Lewis family

I think he enjoyed the ride

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Playing With Toys

I apologize for the sneezes at the end of the video. I couldn't hold them in.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catch Up In Photos

I've been slacking. I've been busy and when I'm home I just want to snuggle and play with my beautiful boy. I was just able to blog about Ashley and Chris' wedding.

Yesterday, Hunter rolled from his stomach to his back for the first time. He has been rolling from his back to his tummy for a while, but still has some difficulty clearing his arm.
Hunter enjoys The Little Gym

I had my first speech-only IEP this week. It went well. Short and sweet. I have some related services (I am not the case manager) coming up and another speech-only coming up.
Hunter enjoying his high chair while Mommy eats dinner

Hunter has been talking away! He talks the whole ride to the sitters, the whole way home, basically any time he is awake, he is talking. He also reaches for everything. He started that around 3 months.

Hunter and Koal are best friends

We went to my sister's this weekend. Natalie was in town so she came to see her nieces and nephew.
Ryleigh was being a witch

And this is what Mel looked like when Carl almost ate it on the above contraption

How cute is this butt?

Blah Blah Blah Blah

Hunter is so chatty these days. Right now, he is talking away. More like, yelling at Carl and I so we will talk back to him.

Here are some videos of him.

Happy Wedding Day!

One of my very best friends got married on October 2. I was so happy to be able to be a part of her and her now hubby's wedding day.
Wedding day!

It was just awesome, sooooo Ashley and Chris. They were married in Ashley's parents' backyard, The Brown Wren Acres. Just so beautiful. But before the wedding happened, we had lots of things to do!

I don't know if you remember, but all week, even half of Friday, it rained. But, Friday afternoon, the skies parted and by the time Ashley walked down the aisle on Saturday afternoon, the ground was barely damp. AWESOME!

I unfortunately had to work Thursday and half a day Friday (being an adult is over rated), so I was only able to help with the To-Do-List on Friday night. Ashley and her maid-of-honor, Kat, got a lot of things and details done before Friday night.

We had a yummy rehearsal lunch Friday at Carrabba's. Hunter enjoyed hanging out with the bride and groom, not so much anyone else.

Friday night, after the bride and groom said their good-byes until saying, "I do!"...
The girls got to work. We made our bouquets (Ashley picked out beautiful flowers), made the centerpieces, made Ashley do her other items on a different To-Do-List, and had lots of fun bonding. We stayed up until about 1 AM. I can't tell you the last time I did that.
Making her bouquet
All of our bouquets
The centerpieces

Saturday morning we put the finishing touches on the bouquets, set up the tables, put all the centerpieces out, watched the family friends set up the chairs and dance floor, and got ready.

Mom and daughter

We (the bridesmaids) walked down to "Sweet Pea"- one of the groomsmen played it on his guitar and sang it. Ashley walked down to a song from Juno (very much her). Ashley and Chris wrote their own vows; Chris played the guitar and sang his to her (soooo sweet!). I wish I had remembered that I put a tissue in my dress because I definitely needed it.
"Kiss the bride"

After the ceremony, there was yummy food, dancing, corn hole, and catching up with friends. Devyn was nice enough to take a picture of Carl, Hunter, and I at the wedding. The picture from the actual ceremony is one I stole from Devyn. Carl was in charge of the camera, but he was busy with Hunter.

The wedding was beautiful. I am so thankful to have been a part of their special day. They are family to us and we love them so very much. Oh, did I mention that it started to rain the next day?! The only dry day was on their wedding day. :]

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bald Spot

Hunter has a bald spot right in the middle of the back of his head. It's not because he lays on the back of his head all the time. It is because of this: