Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Place We Love

One of the places we love to go when the weather isn't so nice is the Orb.  This is by far the cleanest bounce house I have ever been to!  It isn't usually too crowded either because it is kind of hidden.  And you only have to pay for the children (even though we jump, too).  It has a nice toddler bounce area, but Hunter doesn't like to stay there.  He loves the big, open bounce "houses" and the slides.  He is able to go up and down one of the slides on his own (the green one in the videos below), but does enjoy when Carl and I go with him.  It also has a little ride-on toy section.  Hunter finally got the hang of pushing the button to go!


Kelly said...

Emma watched the videos and said "thats my party" lol

Katherine said...

Looks like fun!!