Monday, August 15, 2011

Weshler Family Fundraiser

Saturday was the Weshler Family Fundraiser in Moyock.  The association of the neighborhood Joe, Michelle, and Dalton lived in (technically they still have a house there, it is just being rebuilt after the fire) put on a huge event to raise money for Michelle and Dalton after the car fire that took Joe's life.  There was a car show, a golf tournament, and then a cookout with activities.

Carl and three friends golfed in the golf tournament.  Carl said there were at least 20 teams out there (it was $120 per team), plus you were able to buy advantages, and there was a 50/50 raffle (and the winner actually donated the winnings!).  The activities and food were all donated, but you paid money to go to the Weshler family.  I think they raised a lot of money for Michelle and Dalton!  They definitely deserve it!

Hunter and I headed down and met one of my coworkers at her house (she lives in the same neighborhood).  We walked down to the clubhouse where the event was taking place.  Her son is 2 months older than Hunter and her daughter is 3 (I actually taught her in a parent/child class at TLG).  The kids had a blast!  Hunter and her son, B, were content just running around and looking at the animals (and eating).  The only thing the boys didn't like... Sparky the dog (a custom character).  I don't think we will be taking Hunter to Disney any time soon!

Here are some pictures from the fundraiser:
He loved riding the horse once he got on it.  He just kept saying, "Neigh!"

This is what you get when you have a plate of food and try to get a picture of the hungry boys

After a fun filled day

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Sarah said...

So glad they raised money for them. Cute photos.