Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hunter Update

As I mentioned in Hunter's 18 month post, I had asked for a referral to an orthopedist since Hunter was intoeing and moving his pelvis when he ran (among other things, like tripping a lot).  Before I asked for the referral I took pictures and videos of Hunter's legs and showed them to the physical therapist at work (who I trust).  She said I should definitely get it checked out.

Monday was Hunter's orthopedist appointment.  I should actually say it was more of an appointment with the physician's assistant (who was very nice and knew her stuff... I know they go through a TON of schooling) and a 1-2 minute visit with the ortho.  The PA did some stuff with Hunter's legs and showed me how much more his right hip rotated in than his left (it was crazy).  She had me set him down and me go to the other side of the room so he would run to me (and cry the whole way).  She told me that he had femoral anteversion on the right side and he would grow out of it, but the ortho would come in and check it out and answer any of my questions.  The ortho comes in, says hi (his pager went off, he checked it) and did some stuff to Hunter's legs.  He then said that Hunter has the femoral anteversion on the right side and tibial torsion on both sides and he will outgrow both at 6 and 4, respectfully.  As he was asking if I had any questions, he was headed for the door.

He seemed like he was in such a rush and Hunter's case wasn't really worth a lot of time.  I wasn't put at ease like I thought I should have been with a "he will grow out of it" answer.  The physical therapist I work with asked how the appointment went.  She asked what the doctor's plan was.  When I told her nothing, she just had this look on her face.  She told me to get him a trike and she would put a figure 8 strap for his feet to help give him some input through his hips.  In 6 months she will look at him.  Her words were, "There is always UVA."

So, we ordered him a trike.  One with an adjustable seat so he should be able to reach.  I hope that the doctor we saw on Monday is correct.  I hope that he outgrows it.  I hope we don't have to go to UVA.  I plan to see if I can email the orthos at UVA to get their opinion.  I am also embarrassed to say I have not yet done any a lot of research on either of these conditions.  I have been swamped at work and actually bringing work home to do once Hunter goes to sleep.  I've never done that!

I can't wait for Hunter's trike to come in.  I will definitely post pictures of him on it.

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