Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recent Hunter

I am just amazed at Hunter's development and little personality.  He is starting to become his own little person and it has been a joy to watch.  He is starting to answer simple wh- questions.  He is labeling everything and will ask, "That?" when he doesn't know what something is.  Occasionally I hear, "What that?", but not as often as I would like.

When we were headed to the zoo today, I asked him what animals we were going to see.  He answer, "Raff." (Giraffe)  When asked what else, he said, "Ooh-oooh Ahhh-ahh." (Monkey).  I again asked what else, and he said, "Moo!  Roar!" (Cow, lion/tiger).  On the way home, I asked what he saw, and he would say the name/sound of the an animal he did see (I asked him for more animals 3 or 4 times).

He is labeling pictures of familiar people.  We have a few frames with multiple pictures and he will go through the people he knows.  He especially likes to name Dada and Mama.

When we go to The Little Gym, he loves seeing his friends.  He doesn't always play with them (there is too much other stuff to play ON), but he definitely knows when something is not right (especially when someone subs for Miss Sarah... which luckily isn't often).  He has gotten really good at the beam expander independently and when we spot him, he walks one foot in front of the other forwards and backwards by himself on the balance beam itself.  He tries to forward roll on his own, but hasn't quite mastered it yet.  He loves any type of rotation, whether it is on the floor or the bars.  He is also participating in opening and closing circle every time, shaking the shakers, hitting them on the ground when it is time during the song, cleaning them up, and hitting the floor for the closing song.  I cannot express what an awesome experience it is for Hunter to go to TLG, and I am honestly not saying that because I worked there.

There are some other tid bits that I wanted to include, but can't think of them.  I will have to start writing them down.  Oh well.  Here are some videos of Hunter.

We try to send Daddy a video every night before bed (since Carl has his new school and work schedule).  We also call him (and pretty soon will be able to FaceTime with him once he gets his new phone in December).

This is one of our bedtime favorites.  Hunter likes to "read" along.

Walking on the beam expander (from a few weeks ago)

Being Miss Sarah's helper can be a dangerous job (haha).  For the record, he did not get hurt and he didn't hit the orange base like it looks.

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