Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gavin's 12 month check up

I was a little worried that the snowmageddon we got hit with this past week was going to close our pediatrician's office (this happened to us on Hunter's 6 month check-up). Thankfully, his appointment was scheduled for 9:30 and they had a delayed opening at 9. It is very hard to get an appointment with my favorite pediatrician, so I always schedule their check-ups as soon as the schedule comes out.

Gavin weighed 25 pounds, 3 ounces (80%ile) and was 30.31 inches long (65%ile). Short and chubby like his mama. He has a 95%ile head circumference. This is why hats that are made for his age do not fit.

I discussed with Dr. Scott Gavin's crazy tantrums. It is like the exorcist- he throws himself backwards so hard I'm afraid he has suffered multiple concussions. If he's in your lap, he will arch so far backwards and keep himself like that. According to Dr. Scott, he has not hurt himself badly enough to learn not to do that. He assured me he would one day. I'm sure we will be making a trip to the ED for that one.

He did say, "Even though you tell me about these tantrums, every time I see him he is just a happy kid. Very social." This is while Gavin is bear walking around the room because the floor is too cold to put his knees down. Gavin was good and let Dr. Scott listen to his lungs and look in his ears without a fight this time.

Gavin had his hemoglobin checked and his vaccines. The nurse came in to do his hemoglobin first, without the vaccine tray. I assumed she would prick his toe like they did with Hunter. Nope, they did his finger. Poor buddy, that stuff hurts! This child does not clot well. It looked like a murder scene in that office! He would not let her put a band-aid on, so he was flinging blood everywhere as I tried to keep pressure on his finger. She left, then came back with another nurse to administer his vaccines. Meanwhile, Gavin is still screaming and fighting me while I try to put him on his back on the table. He was not happy with those nurses when it was all over. His finger finally stopped bleeding and he was able to get dressed. Good news- he's not anemic!

Since his last update, Gavin has been working hard on new skills. He is consistently using the signs for "eat", "more", and "milk". We are working on "all done". He has added two new words: apple and owl. Today, he was able to climb stairs all by himself (I was spotting him). He also pushed from his bear walk up to a stand and held it for 1-2 seconds before sitting back down (all controlled movements).

Here's Hunter's 12 month stats as a comparison.