Friday, September 11, 2009

Always Remember 09.11.01

I can remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. It was my sophomore year in high school. I was walking to my biology class through our court yard. I passed two kids and heard one of them say, "Someone bombed the World Trade Center." I really thought that they were just joking and thought that that was a horrible and stupid thing to say. I'm pretty sure I muttered, "You guys are stupid" as I walked past (mature, I know). I walked into biology class and my teacher had the radio on and was listening to everything unfold. I couldn't believe what happened; I don't think I actually understood how tragic it was at that time. We did some busy work while we listened on the radio. I don't remember much else that day during school, except that every minute or so, someone was getting called to the office to leave. It wasn't until I got home that day that I realized all of what had happened. It is still hard to imagine that someone like that could happen here.

Thank you service men and women for keeping us free and for risking/giving your lives for the freedom of our nation. Thank you fire departments, police departments, and EMS for keeping our cities safe.

Where were you?


It has been a long and busy week! Although school started the week before Labor Day, I hadn't started my placement at CHKD. This week my internship started, our new fall schedule at The Little Gym started, on top of classes.

I have been arriving at my internship between 7 and 7:20 (depending on traffic) and leaving at 3. I have seen an interesting mix of kids, from 4 months (for feeding) all the way to 12 years. I have also been able to observe a child voice evaluation which was interesting. My supervisor is a really good "teacher"; she explains why she is doing things in the middle of therapy and points out things while I watch. Next week, I will actually start doing therapy with some of the kids. My supervisor also has a few new evaluations and some re-evaluations coming up, so I will be getting lots of diagnostic hours.

Depending on the day, I either go from CHKD to work until about 8:30ish or I head out to ODU for classes that either end at 10 or 7. On Wednesdays, class doesn't start until 7, so my friend Ashley and I have started utilizing the gym at ODU. We took a spin class last week which was an awesome workout. Not sure what class we will check out next week.

This semester I am teaching a few more pre-k classes during the week and Saturday and I will be teaching 2 parent/child classes for the first time this semester. :] I am very excited. On top of that, I am now leading birthday parties and I will lead my first Parent Survival Night next weekend.

Needless to say, by Friday (my day off) I'm exhausted. So Fridays are my day to relax and get things done around the house, until it is time for kickball. Yes, you heard me correctly, Carl and I are playing kickball. We are on the "Pour Sports" team. My friend from work and her boyfriend started the team, so Carl and I joined. Tonight is our first game. We are pretty excited.

Our friends, Nick and Sheela, had their baby girl last Saturday, so we went to visit. Lauren is so tiny. She was 3 weeks early, but big enough and healthy enough to go home on time. And congrats goes to my sister's friend Amy and Mark who just had their second baby, a little girl. Congrats guys!

With baby Lauren
On Labor Day, my husband suggested we start Christmas shopping for people (did I mention how much I love my husband? I love doing things sooo early!). Of course, there were massive sales on everything. I think my jaw dropped to the floor when he said, "yes" to going into Zales to just look. We ended up upgrading my ring. :] Not that I didn't love the one I had (I did pick out the original one), we just happened to find one that we both loved. Carl did tell me I am now "good" for at least another five years (he did emphasize this).

Oh and speaking of new jewelry, and I was quite excited to learn that I won something from the McMommy And Me blog. She always has great giveaways and I love to read her other 2 blogs.

I told you there was a picture of me standing!