Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Little Gym Show!

This week was our Show Week at The Little Gym! Hunter just loves going and I can't say enough good things about TLG and how much Hunter has learned. He started when he was 3 months and has come such a long way! He wasn't sitting up when we started class, and he sat up for the first time during a class. I loved working there (and still enjoy working when they need me) and I love the staff and everything that TLG does. It is totally worth every penny. I can't wait (but I can) for him to be old enough to go into an independent class and watch him do these things all on his own.

Class starts with the shakers and we sing our hello song. We put the shakers away and everyone introduces themselves.

We move into a warm up, which incorporates gymnastic skills. It gets everyone up and moving.

Then comes the group activity. We use some manipulative. This week it was the parachute. Hunter has grown to love the parachute and will actually shake it now. When we have done a class in his actual age group, I have let him take rides on the parachute. I'm a little nervous with the older kids, because I know they don't mean to run over anyone, but they can't help it. And Hunter isn't big enough to defend himself yet. But we did let him sit alone while we walked the parachute in the air around all the kids. He enjoyed that.

Then we went off for Exploration. This is where the kids explore the gym and the equipment (if they haven't already left the Big Red Mat by then). We also learn how to spot different skills of focus for the week. This week we were showcasing our skills that we had learned over the past 20 weeks.

Balls and bubbles always wrap up class. Hunter still isn't the biggest fan of bubbles, but tracks them and will try to get them once they have landed on the mat. He loves playing with the balls and watching the other kids.

This week we had our ribbon ceremony. Hunter had his picture taken with Ms. Sarah. For once he did not cry while she was holding him. I love Sarah, but she is very loud. Carl and I are both quiet people, so it is a big adjustment for Hunter when Sarah is holding him and talking. He tolerates it for about a minute, and then cries. Don't worry Sarah, Hunter will come around. So at 7 months, Hunter has his first ribbon. This is going in his memory box forever.
I just had to add this picture of Rachael and Sarah. We love them.

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Sarah Halstead said...

How fun. I love them all. I still want to get up there one weekend. Let me know if you go to a later class. The one on Saturday is a little early. lol.