Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Shower and This and That

I just want to first say thank you to my sister, Kelly, and Ashley for my wonderful baby shower! It turned out perfect and Kelly worked so hard to set up her house for all the guests. Hunter is going to be a very spoiled boy! He has so many people that care about him and love him already! It was very overwhelming trying to organize all of the wonderful gifts (which still aren't completely organized). Carl's way of dealing with being overwhelmed: putting together the stroller. I would post a bunch of awesome pictures on here from my shower, but I didn't get many. I really wanted to get a picture with my wonderful hostesses, but I failed. But here are the few that I have:

If you want to see more, you can head over to my sister's blog post on my shower.
The day before the shower, Ashley and I went and got a pedicure. It felt soooo good. I can't wait to go again this week before graduation.

I could only get a certain amount of my feet in the picture due to the ever expanding belly.
School is winding down. I just had my very last class EVER! The only thing that stands between me and graduation is one more final on Monday. It feels awesome!

Oh, and the best part is this bad boy:

My thesis is complete!! Yay! I am so excited about this. It felt great printing it out at the computer lab and going to get it bound. Isn't he a beauty? If you want to know the results, just ask. :]
I am 33 weeks pregnant! Time is flying by! I'm sure the time will go a whole lot slower once graduation is over on May 8th. I read that Hunter is roughly 4 1/2-5 pounds. I had an appointment today. Everything went well. I'm still measuring right along with my due date. I asked her today, if Hunter decides to come late, how far she would let me go. She said no later than June 21/22, so that gives me a good light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, he won't decide to come late.

We had our Member's Luau at work on Friday. It was a lot of fun and I got to be "co-host" since Miss Sarah was sick. It was so nice being able to around and chat with all of the families. I don't get to do that much, especially the ones I don't see during the week.

And this is what my feet look like after only 6 hours of work (not all 6 hours actually on my feet):

Ugh. So gross.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

From The Mouths of Babes Part II

TLG student who hadn't been in class for about 3 weeks:
"What have you been eating?"

"I don't feel your belly button."

"Tiffs, is the baby coming out today?" No "He's still cookin'?" Yep "What's he cookin'?" I don't know, what do you think he's cooking? "Hotdogs!"

"Does the baby have a door he comes out of?"

"Why is your belly so big?"

"Babies eat from mommy's booboos."

"Miss Tiffany is still pregnant?!"

"Look out Miss Tiffany, I don't want to hurt the baby with my cast!"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hunter In 3d!

We went for another 3d/4d ultrasound at Prenatal Imaging, Inc. on Saturday. We had quite the audience (or, I should say Hunter had quite the audience)! Carl's mom, Nana, sister, and two nieces came and my mom, two sisters, niece, and friend Katie came.

Hunter cooperated for a whole 3 minutes. We got a few good pictures of his chubby face. He has very chubby cheeks and we are told he has a lot of hair (probably dark like his Daddy).

I love this little chubby face. 8 weeks and 1 day until he is due!

After about 3 minutes, Hunter decided he was finished getting his picture taken. He put both his hands and a foot in front of his face! A foot, really? We did everything to get him to move: drank a soda, went on my side, did pelvic tilts, walked around.... NOTHING! He didn't care what you did to him, he wasn't moving (well, he would kick us with his other foot to let us know he was annoyed). Stubborn baby, like his father! At least he is head down now and hopefully by the time it's time to push him out he will have decided to move that foot. We got a picture of him sticking his toes in his nose, typical boy.

There is a hand in front of his lips and a foot by the right side of his head
Now both hands are there
Yep, he was finished

Little stinker
This was cute... at one point you could actually see his eye peeking through his fingers

Foot on his head
Ryleigh took a front row seat to my belly. She had brought her very own camera to take pictures with. She would push the button and say, "Here's a picture of your belly, Tiffs." She thought the "doctor" was going to take Hunter out of my belly. My sister told her he was still cooking. When I met them at their house on Sunday to go to the circus, she asked me if he was coming out, and I said no. She asked if he was still cookin' and I said yes. She then asked me what he was cookin', lol. She cracks me up. She also asked if he had a door that he was going to come out of... not exactly.

I think Carl is a little confused as to who is actually having the baby....

And I just love this picture

Insane the things ultrasounds see now!

Monday, April 19, 2010

9 Reasons Why I Shouldn't Go To The Circus

1) Because I take pictures of a packed back seat; they are just preparing to be clowns packed in a tiny clown car.

2) I found these guys creepy, especially how they would straddle unsuspecting victims.

3) My sister and I couldn't help but giggle when we saw this guy. And how could you not when they kept calling him "Nano".

4) I kept thinking, "If they drop that stick, it is coming right at us and we will be dead or severely injured."

5) I just found it odd watching these two guys do some of the things they did.

6) I was secretly hoping that the tigers would get this guy one good time. Obviously, I didn't want them to attack him and scare the kids for life (okay, maybe when he was practicing when no kids are around). I'm a big animal person and I just didn't like the whip; they are wild animals and if they don't feel like performing they shouldn't be forced. I think that is why I love watching the Busch Gardens animal performances. One, all those animals are rescued, not captured, and two, they always tell the audience if an animal doesn't want to perform, they don't have to.

7) The whole time these guys (they got 7 of them total in this metal cage) were riding around, I was hoping no one would mess up. I was just thinking about the traumatic brain injury they would all suffer if something happened (and then all the therapy they would need to receive, and then it brought me back to my internship in the TBI living center).

8) I was secretly hoping that the trapeze performers would mess up. And, when they were trying a stunt that in the history of the circus has only been completed successfully 4 times, it happened. I didn't get it on video, by my sister did.

9) I kept thinking if my ears were ringing, the animals had probably gone deaf.
Ryleigh actually took a picture with a creepy clown.

And this is how she spent most of the show....

eating cotton-candy.

Thanks for allowing me to tag along guys! I had a good time watching the girls enjoy the show!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

From The Mouths of Babes

"Tiffs, do you still have a baby in your belly? Can I spank it?"

"Tiffs, did I hurt the baby? Is he crying?"

"Do you have a baby in your belly? Is that why your belly is so big?"

"You have a baby in your belly? I want to see him! Open it up!"

"But I can't see him!"

And by far my favorite....
"Miss Tiffany, how did you get a baby in your belly?"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


At least twice a month, we have a staff meeting on Fridays at The Little Gym. So, it wasn't a surprise when Sarah scheduled one last Friday. It was a little strange that the meeting was an hour later than usually (Rachael contributed it to one of our high school staff members wanting to come to the meeting). Luckily, I didn't show up early (like I typically do); although I did show up in bum clothes.

I walked in and was definitely surprised! I wasn't expecting a shower at all! I love the group of ladies I work with and the family I work for. They really are like an extended family. Hunter got lots of good stuff and cute clothes. Miss Danielle even got me a container of my favorite Passion Tea from Starbucks! :]

Here are a few pictures... please don't mind the chub face, glasses plus the hair up has never been flattering and the pictures prove this theory.

The yummy zoo animal desserts Danielle made

Sarah got Hunter his first DVD

Mmmm... Passion Tea. Oh, and some awesome books

Ashley made these. How cute are they?! I told her we will have to make him a brown one that he can wear to her wedding. :]

Rachael's diaper cake

Ash and Rach

Had to take 2 group shots so everyone could be in the photo

Well, everyone except Randy.

Thank you Sarah, Ashley, Rachael, Eleanor, Randy, Ann, Danielle, Erin, Carly, and Meredith for a wonderful shower!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Week Fun

The Wednesday leading up to Easter Sunday was a very exciting one. For a couple of months now, some of the staff at The Little Gym has known that our program director, Sarah, was in for a special treat. The Easter Bunny came to visit the gym. He brought little eggs for all of our dancing students (in the middle of Miss Sarah's class). He even had two eggs just for Sarah. :]

"The Easter Bunny gave me a love note"... little did she know
She said yes!

On Easter Sunday, Carl and I went to my parents' house for a big brunch. Both my sisters, brother-in-law, and the girls were there. Natalie hid Easter eggs for the girls to find (I'm not sure who had more fun... Natalie or them), we watched Kaylee "roller blade" (I use that term lightly), and everyone played on some "antique" toys.

Hunting for Easter eggs

Like I said, everyone enjoyed the antique toys.. Clip Clop The Wonder Horse
Enjoying the beautiful weather

And sticking with the belly painting tradition, I let the girls paint my belly like an egg. I had these wonderful thoughts of how it would turn out. There were beautiful fun lines, neat, separate colors, exactly was a Type-A Easter Egg would look like:

But, the girls had other ideas. They had fun and really enjoyed it, so it turned out just perfect.

You can check out my sister's blog for more pictures.