Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hampton Roads Weather

You have to love our crazy weather. On Thursday it snowed. School was canceled (luckily, we don't have to make it up, unlike another school district who is "Ahead of the Curve"). I got Hunter all suited up and we went outside and sat in the snow. He enjoyed it even after falling over in it.

On Sunday, it was in the 60's! Hunter and I met Kelly and Emma at the park. Hunter went on the swings for the first time and loved it. He also went down the slides. He loves his Emma and Aunt Kelly. We then proceeded to Skinny Dip, yummy! You can't eat anything in front of Hunter without him wanting some. I was going to admit what a terrible mother I am in regards to Skinny Dip, but I will not. I'll let you think about that on your own.
"Hunter, hold my hand."

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Sarah Halstead said...

He he. Love that last photo. Crazy weather. I am ready for Spring.