Friday, October 24, 2014

Gavin's 8 months

Well, 8 months and 9 days, my bad.

At 8 months you're....
-Saying "hi" intentionally. You will wave hi/bye when verbally prompted at least 80% of the time and sometimes spontaneously when we see a familiar person.
-You are also saying "ma" (and all I can think of is "Maa the meatloaf!"). I'm pretty positive this is intentional because I've only heard you say it when you're looking at me and you want me to pick you up or you're upset.
-You are very vocal. You definitely make it known how you're feeling through your vocalizations. When you don't want Hunter hugging on you, you grunt/angry vocalization and push him away. I feel the love (this is very rare though, you usually love Hunter).
-Still moving backwards. I don't think you have any intentions any time soon to get those knees under you and crawl. You're pretty content staying where you are.
-Standing assisted.
-All your diapers have been moved up in the rise. We've finally found a good night time solution since you are a very heavy wetter. You now wear a fitted with an extra hemp insert and a cover. Knock on wood, this is keeping you dry through the night. We sometimes have to use your nice, brand new bum genius AIO ones with an extra insert if I haven't had a chance to hand wash the fitted and dry it. Problem will be solved soon because I've ordered more from the lady who made the one fitted we own.
-You're favorite people in order: Hunter, Daddy, Mommy, Koal (although I think Koal and Mommy are pretty close). You are a huge daddy's boy.
-Your receptive language is developing nicely as well. You understand "want up/come up" and reach your arms up in response. "Where's doggy/daddy/BuhBuh (Hunter)?" and you look for them until you find them.
-You have been cleared from dermatology for a year. Woohoo. We have found a good routine to manage your eczema. Hopefully we won't need to go back until the year follow-up (that co-pay is no joke!).
-You have a great sleep routine. We get you in the bath by 6:30 then get your medicine and lotion all on you, you have your night time bottle and you're in bed by 7:15/7:30 where you are putting yourself to sleep with your blanket. Sometimes you wake yourself up talking (I swear you talk in your sleep), but you usually put yourself back to sleep, and are up by 5:30/6:00. Not too shabby in my book for you.

-You are a monster eater! We have been giving you more table foods. Tonight I'm going to try to give you some of the sauce and ground beef from the lasagna I'm making (no cheese from it though). I'm sure you will love it!