Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Place We Love

The zoo!!  This weekend was beautiful!  We went Saturday and Sunday (well, Carl took Hunter Sunday while I deep cleaned the house).  Hunter is really into the animals and is very independent when it comes to walking.  We don't bring the stroller anymore because he rarely wants to be carried.  We usually follow him around, letting him go where he wants.  Sometimes we do have to redirect him when he starts picking up everything off the ground.

Oh, yeah, the lions.  When Carl took Hunter to the zoo on Sunday, he had a big blow out. This happened right in front of the lions.  Carl said Hunter refused to walk or be carried any where.  The zoo was apparently very empty so he just changed Hunter at the rock seat there.  When he turned around, all 3 of the lions were standing at this opening (with thin little bars separating them and the lions).  One even growled at them.  By the time Carl got over the initial fear, the other two had gone to lay down.

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