Sunday, September 30, 2012

We're Baaaack!

I did not fall off the face of the Earth.  The whole being unable to upload pictures was super annoying and so I just enjoyed my summer rather than worry about trying to fix it. I will only be on this blog for a short while; I'm starting a new one on WordPress (I just have to figure them out).  Just to keep you in the loop as to what has been going on in our lives...

-We went to Great Wolf Lodge as a family in July.  It was fun.  Hunter liked it the first day and a half.  We then took him down a tube slide ride.  He kept asking to go home after that.  Won't make that mistake again (since we had 2 days left).
-Hunter and I enjoyed my last summer off.  We went on a lot of play dates and went a lot of places.
-Oh... I started a new job.  A dream job; one I had always dreamed of having before the dream of Hunter.  Then Carl and I wanted a baby and tried for Hunter.  Then that dream was put on hold because the hours just weren't very "having a newborn" friendly.  But I've got it all worked out and work earlier in the morning so I get off earlier in the evening.  And I have every Friday off.  It is at an outpatient center for our local children's hospital.  I've been there 6 weeks and I love it.
-Carl is just months away from finishing his Associate's Degree.  Then just a year and a half left of school for him.  He is doing fantastic and has really been enjoying his classes.
-Carl and I celebrated 4 years of marriage in August.  My gift was getting my hair done and his was joining a bowling league after a 2 year hiatus.  Yeah, we go all out for each other.
-As stated above, Carl is back into bowling.  I joined up with a few of my old traveling soccer teammates (Cougars) to create a co-ed adult soccer team "Ralph's Cougars".  We are pretty awesome.  This Tuesday we play for last or second-to-last place.  Don't be jealous.  As one of the guys on our team put it, "We finished in the top 10." haha.  We are just excited to be back together and not falling apart of 8 years of not touching a soccer ball.
-Hunter is growing and talking up a storm.  He just amazes me every day.  His language has exploded and I am no longer being "crazy mom".  Ok, I'm still a crazy therapy mom, but I'm no longer worried.  He is using pronouns like a champ and I'm so impressed.  He is really into dinosaurs; he can name so many.  I just love him so much.
-Hunter had a super high fever this summer with no seizure activity.  Yay!

I think that about catches you up on us.  I wish I could post pictures of all our adventures, but those will have to wait.