Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hunter turns 5

How did that happen?! I have no idea where 5 years went! I can't believe my first born will be starting kindergarten in the fall!

Hunter is my sweet boy. At his party, he was blowing kisses. "I'm blowing kisses to Aunt Kelly. Don't worry mom, I still have some for you!" He plays so nicely with Gavin and loves on him all the time. He does have his moments where I want to pull out my hair because of something he has said or because he is choosing to ignore me. That is the phase he's in now... I'm going to ignore you. Every year, it's something new.

Hunter loves to learn. He is always asking lots of questions because he has to know how everything works or why it is around. He is a problem solver and gets very frustrated when he can't make something work without asking for help. His teacher has complimented him on how he will look at an example of something they are working on to figure out what he's to do next instead of just asking.

He is reading sight words and sentences with sight words. He is starting to sound other words out. He can identify and write all of his letters and identify their sound. I'm very impressed with the curriculum at GMS.

He completed his last school year at GMS. He will continue there for the summer program, but will start in public school come fall. I'm a hot mess of emotions. I know the love and attention he receives at GMS and it's going to be a harder transition for me than it will be for him. We are currently looking for a place for him for after school care.

He completed another year at The Little Gym in the sports skills program. He loves it. We are taking a break this summer for the first time since we started at 3 months.

He continues to love dinosaurs and books about dinosaurs. He has also started to be interested in super heroes, Legos, and cars. Trains are starting to fade as an interest and I think we will be moving those to the attic soon.

Hunter enjoys his time with friends, but he still likes his alone time as well. Sometimes he sneaks off to his room for time to himself. He is becoming more adventurous. He is riding rides at Busch Gardens that he would not go near last year. He is becoming more comfortable in the water and his sensory issues with water on his head/in his ears are beginning to become less and less. He has even tried new foods recently.

This year, I asked him the same interview questions as I did last year. I love seeing his answers and comparing them to what he had said last year.

Favorite color: blue and red
Favorite toy: my bike
Favorite Fruit: strawberries
Favorite T.V. show: Voltron
Favorite thing to eat for lunch: A sandwich
Favorite game: PBS Kids (computer)
Favorite snack: Graham crackers
Favorite animal: Lion
Favorite book: Runny Babbit
Favorite song: Centuries
Best friend: Quinn
Favorite thing to do outside: Ride my bike
Favorite drink: Slurpee
Favorite holiday: Easter
Favorite thing to take to bed at night: My loveys
Favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Pancakes
What do you want to be when you grow up: A paleontologist
Favorite thing to do inside: Play with toys

Gavin at 15 months

Gavin is now 16 months and I'm just late writing this, but he did have his appointment on time.

At his 15 month check-up:
-Weight: 25 pounds, 12 ounces (65%ile)
-Height: 31 inches (45%ile)
-Head Circumference: 50 cm (off the chart)

It's so interesting to see how percentiles change over the years. Hunter was .5 inches taller than Gavin at his 15 month check-up and was in the 75%ile for height and weighed 8 ounces less but was in the 90%ile for weight.

Gavin wasn't having any part of this visit. As soon as I put him on the table to undress him the screaming started. "Up! Up! Noooo!" He pushed the nurse away, fought when she tried to measure his head, push Dr. Scott away. I'm not used to this. He is the total opposite of Hunter. Hunter was always one to go with the flow, not fight you, even if he didn't care for what was happening. Not Gavin. If he doesn't want to do it, he's putting up a fight. He's been like that since day 1. He wants what he wants and he lets you know!

We have to take him to a pediatric dentist. There are some spots on the bottom of his teeth that I noticed so I brought it up. Dr. Scott would like him to be seen and our dentist does not see kids this young.

A week after his appointment, I noticed his eye doing weird things. It's so hard to explain, but it is like it is delayed in tracking. It becomes very noticeable when he is tired. Of course, I didn't have him on my dental or vision plans, so I'm waiting for the new plan to kick in come July so he can be seen.

He is taking a few steps, but not full out walking. He has very controlled movement when standing up or sitting back down and he can bend his knees to squat and then come back up.

He has over 50 words in his expressive vocabulary and is combining two words together. He loves to read, he loves his "Buhbuh" (Hunter), and is the biggest Daddy's boy ever!