Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Last weekend, we had a birthday party at The Little Gym of Virginia Beach.  Hunter loves TLG, especially the sticks!  Lucky for him, they did a stick activity at the party, then we did 2 in class Monday and 2 in class on Saturday.

Hunter woke up Monday morning, got his diaper changed, ran into the living room, grabbed the remote, turned on the T.V., and started channel surfing looking for "ooh-oh-ahh-ahh" (Curious George).  This kid is OBSESSED with George!  He no longer wants to watch Peep or any other kid cartoon, just monkey.  We taped the 2 movies, and now if he hears the Jack Johnson song, he asks for monkey.

This is just him being silly.  He had lovey behind his head with his hands behind his head, relaxed.  He, of course, moved when I went to take the picture.

This is pretty much where Hunter hung out during class on Saturday.  His "independent 2's" attitude is starting to show itself.  He sat down on the big red mat during the warm up because he didn't want to participate.  Oh boy!

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