Saturday, July 31, 2010

5 Weeks

So, I'm late... again... he was 5 weeks on Tuesday. Daddy is entertaining him this morning so I have two free hands.

Hunter is smiling a lot in the mornings and during bath time. He has a pretty long period when he is awake in the morning. All we have to do is talk to him and as long as he is looking at us, he smiles. Of course, as soon as we get our phones to take a picture, he stops. If Carl wouldn't kill me I would secretly record him singing to Hunter so you could see Hunter talking and smiling. One day I will get proof of him smiling.

He has lost his hair on the top of his head, but it is starting to grow back. Now we just tell him he will have a mullet. I think he will bring it back in style.

He is noticing a lot more. I can sit him up on the Boppie under his jungle gym and he looks around at the hanging toys. He follows people when they move about the room. If he hears my voice, he looks for me.

Bath time is still a whole lot of fun for all of us. It is a shock for him when he first gets in, but then he just lays back and relaxes. He loves when we pour water on his head (when I say pour, I mean I take a wash cloth and squeeze the water on his head). His new thing is to slide down all the way into the water. I can't wait for him to have better head control so we can remove the little hammock thing.
I didn't know how else to cover his "area"

I have finally found a bottle he will take. He likes the Nuk bottles (but not the Nuk nipples that you get in the hospital... he would take prune juice from those, but not breast milk). He will take prune juice from it right away and breast milk. So now I have all these Dr. Brown's bottles, but I have found a home for them. :] He refuses to take formula. We have started to mix a quarter of an ounce of formula in with 1 ounce of breast milk. I'm going to try to up that amount today. I'm still not sure how much he is eating in one sitting, I'm thinking about 3-4 oz. Although yesterday he literally ate from 1pm-6:30pm with a few 5-10 min. cat naps. Then we took a bath around 7:15 and after bath he ate until 9. Then he ate again at 10 after we changed his diaper (that is our typical routine, although it is usually a little earlier around 9/9:30).

He is sleeping pretty good. We get a good 5 hour stretch, he eats for 30-45 min., then sleeps for another 2-3 hours. I am getting better at not waking up every 1-2 hours to check on him. I actually didn't wake up last night until he woke up. He is still really gassy at night, and I think that is what really wakes him up, then he just realizes he is hungry. Today I am going to finish setting up the Angel Care monitor and the video monitor so we can transition him to his crib tonight. Wish us luck!

Carl weighed himself and then him with Hunter and our scale said Hunter was 12 pounds 2 ounces. I'm not sure how accurate that scale is, but we will find out how much he really weighs Sept. 1st. And when I measured him a few weeks ago he was a little over 23 inches long.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


All my fellow speechies will appreciate this. I just think it's cute. Listen to him after I say, "Say hi!"

I think it sounds like 'hi'. Now, I know he didn't actually produce a word, it's just funny. :]

Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Month Old

I believe Hunter turned a month on Tuesday since he was 4 weeks old. My sister says that today is Hunter's 1 month birthday since it is the 22nd. So using her logic, I'm posting this today, not because I didn't have time on Tuesday.

Hunter is starting to smile at us. It is nothing consistent and he wasn't smiling because of gas. He smiled at Carl first and I got one the next day. It was awesome.

He is still loving bath time. Last night I put him in and he stretched out his little legs and relaxed. If only he had put his hands behind his head. :]

Cradle Crap... I mean Cap. Ugh. Poor guy has it in his head, eye brows, and his eye lids. I've been gently scrubbing with a wet wash cloth at night. Tonight I'm going to try baby oil on his head and his soft brush to help loosen the stuff as suggested by my sister.

We have been working on his head control. He is getting pretty good, but is no where near full control. He is staying awake more during the day. I send Daddy pictures and videos every day so he can feel like he is here. We are still doing prune juice in the morning and at night and it seems to help, although it makes his poops smell a little.

My goal the next couple of weeks is to start giving him breast milk from a bottle during the hours I will be at work so it isn't a shock the first day. I also need to start visiting more people so that he can not be so Mommy needy.
So I have no idea if these videos will work. It is showing an error when I try to play them.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Newborn Pictures

Again, I am just amazed at Sarah Fitzgibbon's talent. She is so awesome to work with. If you are thinking about any sort of portrait session, I highly recommend her! You can check out her website here.

It was so hard to pick a few of my favorites because I loved them all. But here are a few (compared to how many there actually are) of my most favorite and you can check out the rest here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Past 3 Weeks In Pictures

Warning: This post is going to contain A LOT of pictures. Here are more pictures of our hospital stay, the visitors, and the 3 weeks home. My next post will more than likely be his newborn photo session. They turned out awesome, but I don't want to post the link until I have the disk to post my favorites. :]

Hospital pictures:

Holding his bottle all by himself

Changing Hunter's diaper for the first time
This is the first time I remember holding him

And 2 become 3

Hospital visitors:
Carl's mom... Nina
Aunt Natalie
Auntie Kelly
Emma meeting Hunter
Auntie Katie
Hunter's great-grandma... Nana
Aunt Tabitha
Uncle Chris and Auntie Ashley
Hunter's girlfriend Renee


Finally home!

Meemaw Swann
For the record... he didn't sleep exactly like this


Meemaw Massey

Cousin Kaylee
Aunt Mel

Cousin Carolyn