Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Best Friends' Wedding

I put the apostrophe after the 's' because Katie and Stephen are two of my best friends.  Katie and I met when we were 4/5ish, in D.C., on a see-saw.  Our sisters played soccer together and were in a soccer tournament up there.  We have been best friends ever since.

Stephen and I met in high school.  We became best friends.  We had a lot of ups and downs in those younger years, but I considered him my best guy friend through it all.  Other than Carl, I have never had a guy friend who I considered to be my best friend.

I would like to say Carl and I have a 1 for 1 record of being match makers.  We might just end on that good note.  Stephen was our roommate in our rental house.  Of course, Katie was over a lot.  Stephen thought she was cute, I asked her if she would ever go on a date with him, and the rest is now history.

Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at Doc Taylor's.  It was a very nice dinner.  The food was delicious.  Hunter behaved himself.

Saturday everyone got ready for the wedding.  It wasn't until 5:30 so no one was rushed to get things done as fast as they could.  They rented a house in Sandbridge to have the reception and the ceremony was on the beach in front of the house.  It was such a beautiful day and the wedding was beautiful as well.  The reception was so much fun.  I can't remember the last time I had danced so much.  Carl and I were able to enjoy ourselves without having to worry about Hunter (thank you soooo much!).  We definitely missed him, but it was nice to be out together.

The yummy cake.  It was beautiful.

Snagged this photo of Stephen and Katie enjoying each other's company on the balcony.

Fire pit.

Love them.

With my handsome husband.

Bouquet toss.  Good job AB!

I'm pretty sure Stephen was telling Kyle to make sure he caught the garter.

The DJ made Kyle do a little dance before putting the garter on AB.

Umm... how do we do this?!

I think you go like this.

Don't smash it in my face.

Father-daughter dance to Forever Young.


Sarah said...

Aww! How fun. I remember Stephen from school. I don't think I remember Katie though. Glad you all had a night alone.

Tiffany said...

Katie went to Landstown. :]

Amber said...

yay for match making!!!