Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kitchen DIY "Remodel"

I've posted about our ugly our "in need of updating" kitchen in the past (here and here and here).

I've been slowly painting the bricks.  They were a little more time consuming than I originally thought.  I completed them last night along with a small wall in the kitchen.  I'm hoping tomorrow to paint the bottom portion of the wall (the red wall) tomorrow.  I think I can have the walls painted by the end of next week (or at least that is my goal).



This is the color of the knobs I purchased for the cabinets.  I really like the look against the color of the wall.  Do you think I need to also try to find the inlay things (technical term there) in that color, or does it look okay like this?  Again, we are just trying to make everything look more appealing for a buyer.

This is how the original ones look against the wall.

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Sarah said...

It is looking great. I love it.