Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st Day Back

As mentioned before, I returned to work on Monday.  We didn't have to report until 9 due to  Hurricane Irene (which we thankfully had no damage nor did we lose power... we had one huge branch fall on our a/c unit at 5am on Saturday, but again, no damage).  Hunter was super glued to me when we got there, but luckily his friends were there (since I dropped him off later than our normal time).  He was easily distracted and didn't cry.  My day went by fast due to lots of meetings.
Having fun at Mrs. Cathy's!

Today didn't go as well.  He knew as soon as we pulled up where he was and started to whine.  He then gave me the pouty lip as we were sitting on the couch.  And he cried as I handed him off.  Just tear my heart out and stomp on it!  Mrs. Cathy always sends me a text about 2 minutes later telling me he is smiling and happy.  I know he has fun and enjoys it there.  And I tell him every morning that Mommy and Daddy work so he can do all the fun things that he does.
When I looked in the back, this is how he had his leg. haha

I still have to get my kids scheduled.  I've only been able to complete one class so far.  Right now, I have 53 students and 1 pending.  The other full time therapist has about the same amount, and our part time person I believe has 10.  But we still have to screen all the kindergarten students and then evaluate the ones who do not pass the screening (if consent by the parent is given).  So my numbers will likely increase as the school year goes on.

Completing his chore... how cute is that?!

My little surfer dude.  Can you tell we love books?!

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Sarah said...

Awww. So cute. That is a lot of kids already. Good luck with your school year.