Thursday, August 11, 2011

(Pre)Toddler Activity

I love getting fun ideas of things to do with Hunter. That is why I was super excited that Amber (who is a PT) posted a series of pretoddler activities (apparently autocorrect thinks pretoddler should be pterosaurs) for children 12-18 months. Hunter and I tried one today.

It held his attention for about 20 minutes. It would have been longer had I not accidentally hit the "Angry Birds" app instead of the camera (oh yeah, I'm posting this from my iPhone, how cool is that?). Here are some pictures from our activity.
The containers contained a koosh ball, those craft fuzzy balls, paperclips, the gift bag grass, mardi gras beads, and sticky frogs.

What are these?

I'll put them in here

Attack of the beads!

Where did his pants go you ask?  He was concentrating so hard on this activity that he pooped.  And he decided he didn't want his pants back on.  We weren't going anywhere so fine by me as long as he has his diaper on and isn't peeing everywhere.

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Sarah said...

Very cool that you are posting from your iphone. Don't you love it??? So glad you did this and I was able to connect you and Amber. :) I have that same exact blue bowl from target.