Sunday, August 21, 2011


My summer break is coming to an end (I don't like talking about it), so Hunter and I have been doing lots and lots of stuff.

It wasn't too hot the other day to go outside and play with chalk.  Hunter had a good time "drawing" and going for a walk on our street.  We had to go inside after he made the choice to leave the driveway.  We live at the end of a dead end street, so there isn't any traffic.

 And his sweaty-betty hair is the reason we decided to cut it.
 We went to Fun Forest one morning bright and early.  There was no one there for about 45 minutes.  It was awesome.  Then the YMCA bus rolled in and it was all down hill from there.
 Hunter absolutely loves The Little Gym and he loves Miss Sarah. I'm We are excited because we are going to her and her husband's pool and cookout tonight.
 Hunter will sit and play peek-a-boo barn on my phone forever (you know, like 15 minutes, but that is still a long time in toddler time).  I finally had Carl's phone and was able to take a picture of him.  He even cheesed for the camera, haha.
We headed to the zoo again this morning.  Members get in a hour before they actually open on the weekends in the summer so it wasn't crowded at all.  And we beat all of the smoke from the Dismal Swamp fire (as we were leaving it had rolled in).  He loves to play in these fountains at the end of the Trail of the Tiger.

And, because I'm a big dork, I took this screen shot because I absolutely love that in the instructions it says to hold the phone to your mouth to draw attention to how you are forming the words.  I knew I liked this "game" for a reason!

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