Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goals (part II)

Remember this post?  Now that Hunter is no longer a "new" 12 month old, I decided to revisit my handy Rossetti form (thanks Ash!).

Hunter can now produce more than 3 animals noises (all of them are intelligible to others... cow, dog, horse, monkey, sheep, cat, lion/tiger/bear [since they all make the same noise]).  He is trying to say "tweet tweet" as he signs bird, lol.  Goal met!  Woohoo!

He is also saying "hot", which probably isn't as intelligible to others as it is to me.  So the early developing modifiers hasn't really been met.  I am also having to cue him to say, "help" when he needs help.  Still working on those.

Those are all under the 12-15 month section.  He has met all the other items in all the categories in that section.

On to the 15-18 month section (and so we have some new goals)...
-Interaction-Attachment: he still needs to request assistance from an adult
-Pragmatic: good to go
-Gesture: no items at this age
-Play: good to go
-Language Comprehension: He can now identify objects by category (thanks Amber's Articles for the fun activity to do with this).  He also needs to identify six body parts or clothing (it says on a doll, but a person is fine, too).  He can ID eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, toes, head, and belly button about 85-90% of the time.
-Language Expression:  this needs a lot of work!  Eek!  I swear, if by 18 months he still hasn't mastered these (since this is 15-18 months) I'm getting a hearing evaluation and a speech evaluation.  I'm hoping that now that he has pretty much mastered walking that his gross motor skills will take a backseat and his language skills will explode (which is typically what happens).  Anyways....
*Says 15 meaningful words (we have no, yeah, up, down, dat for that, dog, dad, and mom... he approximates other words, like Emma);
*talks rather than uses gestures;
*imitates words overheard in conversation (he will do this if he hears the word "hot", not sure why he really likes that word);
*asks "what's that?" (we've been working on this A LOT);
*names five to seven familiar objects upon request.

Those are my goals for the next few months.  I see you looking at me all weird through the computer... stop it!

And since I don't like to post without a picture:

Hunter, Emma, and I headed to story time today.  Emma loves to look at the water fountain and apparently so does Hunter!

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