Saturday, August 6, 2011

Zoo Trip

Hunter and I decided to take a trip to the zoo on Thursday.  It was super hot, but I thought it would be a good idea anyway.  We were lucky to run into our friends from The Little Gym (who also made Hunter's adorable birthday shirt) when we first got there.  I, of course, forgot the camera.  Gayle didn't forget hers and took some great pictures of Hunter and her daughter B.

The tiger is above Hunter's hat on the left... he is pointing to the ball that the other tiger is playing with

Waiting for the tiger

Getting closer....

Too close!

Don't you like his hat?  Mommy had to buy him a hat so his head didn't get sunburned (I had sunscreen, but I hate putting it in his hair).  I forgot his hat... it is a successful outing if I remember his diapers, wipes, and sippy cup (all of which I did have).

Had to cool off...

After the fountains, Hunter decided he wanted lunch.  We stopped to eat our lunch while Gayle and B (and their friends) continued on.  We made it through one more exhibit before we headed for home.  Next time I will check the forecast before we leave!

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Sarah said...

Awww. How fun. Looks like a great time.