Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY Canvas Saying

Remember I said I was going to make this into a canvas?

Well I did!  I didn't even procrastinate with this project!

I started out placing sticker letters on the canvas (I used a piece of paper to give me a straight edge, probably should use something a little more reliable next time).  If you notice, this canvas is smaller than the finished product.  I started putting the letters down and realized the saying wouldn't totally fit on this canvas.  Luckily, I had purchased the next size up (because they were having a good sale at Michael's, plus 15% discount for being a "teacher").

I bought two packs of letters, but didn't have enough of some of the letters.  I had to paint over sections, then remove the letters I needed to place lower on the canvas.  Next time, I'm buying four packs!

When I painted, I dotted paint on top of the letters, then smoothed it out.  That way I got paint in all of the nooks of the fancy letters.

I did have an apostrophe in "you're".  When I painted it, the apostrophe came off (boo).  So I had to draw one in there (because no one likes bad grammar.. now there will be something wrong in my blog post, haha).

Once I painted everything, I started to take all the letters off.  The paint bled under some of the letters.  If there was a lot, I was able to wipe most of it off with my nails.  Maybe next time I will try spray paint?

Finished!  This is not its permanent home.  I just didn't have time to hang it up, so I just placed it on Hunter's bookshelf.  It will stay in his room, just on a different wall.  Now that I have 3 other canvases, I have to find more things to do!

I think it turned out pretty okay for my first one.  If I make another one with letters, I will make sure I have all the letters and they will all be one before I start to paint so I can have a nice, smooth consistency of paint.


Brittney said...

That looks great! I pinned this forever ago and wanted to do it - but I think I'm going to fund some scrap wood (around my neighborhood)! I love the idea of the stickers though, I was clueless about how to get the letters nice!

Tiffany said...

That will look really nice on scrap wood!

Sarah said...

Very cool. I need to do something like this.