Sunday, August 28, 2011


I scheduled this ahead of time since we are going to be hit by Irene this weekend.  We are riding it out at the house.  My biggest concern is being stuck in the house, without power.  We sleep with fans on (for the noise) and we are usually an "on the go" family.  It is also putting a damper on my last weekend before work (boo!).

 Hunter LOVES Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Wild.  If he sees my phone, he will either say, "Moo" or "Roar" to tell me which one he wants to play.
 Most meals look like this.  He loves to feed himself and so we have been letting him (most of the time).  Some days we need to eat and run, so we can't let him do this.
 He doesn't quite understand "time-out" yet.
 After our TLG class on Wednesday.  We have been taking advantage of my summer break and going sometimes 3 days a week.  Unfortunately, Hunter is terrified of my old boss Randy who happens to teach the Wednesday class.  He doesn't like to be anywhere near him, lol.
 Who needs toys when you have a box you can wear?
 I will let Hunter play at the dishwasher after I have taken clean dishes out (it isn't often that we actually wash dishes in the dishwasher).  I was putting away the last thing I had taken out and turned around to find him like this.  Silly boy.
 Hunter got his first major boo-boo last night.  He was running around with a bucket over his face and ran into the table.  We think he bit his upper lip on the inside (he of course wouldn't let us see).  It looked fine this morning.  He was only upset until he saw a book and then wanted us to read to him.  Carl took a self portrait to show off the blood.
 Spinning birdies!  Hunter LOVED this in class on Friday.  Some of the kids did not (like little A on the left).
 Enjoying a nice nap.

 We headed to the park Friday afternoon to enjoy one last outing before we were stuck in the house all weekend.  We weren't even going to try to take the car anywhere because traffic on our main road was TERRIBLE (we live right near a I64 entrance and the back road to/from Elizabeth City).

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Hunter is sooo cute. Thanks for sharing your week.