Wednesday, August 24, 2011

14 Months

I'm a day (or 2) late posting this.  I also realized that I never did a 13 month update.

Hunter is growing and changing every day!  I went out and bought him Stride Rite shoes today (he was falling every where at the park yesterday in his big, clunky shoes, so I broke down).  He had been wearing them around the house before bath and Carl took them off in our room.  As I walked in there tonight, I saw them on the floor and realized we have a little boy now.  Sigh.

At 14 months, Hunter:
-is in size 4 diapers, size 5 shoes, 18 month shorts, and anywhere from 18-2T shirts.  Just depends on the brand.
-is really mimicking our words.  I'm very much relieved at this.  Remember, crazy mom?!  He repeated "cake" while we were playing with his toy birthday cake and repeated "read" tonight.
-is trying his hardest to do a forward roll all by himself!  He will get in the position, and then flop on his side.  He claps and claps, then log rolls, then claps again.  Silly boy.
-is climbing on almost everything.  We have a monkey.
-is saying even more animal noises.  I love them.  I love how he will scream them when we are reading books and he sees a picture of an animal he loves.
-is biting... eek!  He is usually just trying to get our clothes to bite and pull back on (hard to explain) and will accidentally get us through them.  But other times, he will just bite us (or hit or pinch).  I've noticed it occurs a lot when he is tired, so we have been working on the sign for "bed" and using our words to say bed or tired.  But other times it is just random and I have no idea why he is doing it.  I'm going to check out "What To Expect The Second Year" to see if there is anything that we can try (stern voices, ouches, and no's are not working). Luckily (knock on wood) he is only biting Carl and me.  I'm not sure what I am going to do if he starts biting other people!
-loves taking things in and out of things.  He could do that forever.  He also loves to read and be read to.  He will grab a book and give it to you and sit in your lap.  I love it.
-is starting to notice when his "friends" leave or we leave them.  He is getting upset and whining.  He is also saying "Emma" when we are with her (usually when she has run off to go play somewhere and he doesn't see her... E-MAH?").
-is getting all 4 of his molars!  The top two have broken through and I can feel the bottom two.  They bothered him at first, but now he just hangs out with his hands in his mouth all day.
-is doing a lot more in regards to dressing and undressing himself, especially the shirt. He is also feeding himself a lot more.  I have really let go of my Type-A personality when it comes to a non-messy meal.  I just take off his shirt and let him have the "wheel" if you will.  He is really getting good at using a spoon and fork.  We sometimes need a morning bath after breakfast, but I would much rather do that than him not learn when he is ready.
-is walking great!  He is starting to speed up, so I see running in our very near future.  His tibia and/or fibula (I say tibia because it is the longer, larger bone) is still very bowed.  His pediatrician said it would straighten out once he started walking, but it still hasn't.  That is on my question list for our 15 month check up.  I guess that is what happens when you're almost 22 inches long and almost 9 pounds in a 5'3/5'4ish mommy.
-has his very first chore.  He feeds the dog every morning and at night.  Once he gets his diaper changed in the morning, he "runs" down the hall to get Koal and the food bowl.  I pour the food into the bowl, and he takes the bowl out to the kitchen to Koal's dish holder.  Hunter will even remind me some evenings when he thinks it is time to feed Koal.  Love it!
-is VERY attached to Mommy and Daddy.  It is taking him a little while to warm up to people (even people he sees often).  This worries me A LOT for this coming Monday.

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He loves his Kelly though :) Hope we see yall this week!! btw I had to write "sperm on" for the word verification to be able to leave this comment...what kind of blog are you running?!?! lol