Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some Updates

Hunter and I have been busy enjoying what little bit of summer I have left.  Seriously, where did it all go?  I am dreading having to drop him off my first day back; I know I'm going to cry.
Playing at the Children's Museum

I'm working on getting Carl to do posts here and there on our blog.  Hopefully I will get him to post this weekend.  You might like his posts better than mine, he is a pretty good writer.

This weekend there is a big fundraiser for Dalton and his family.  Carl pulled a team of 4 together to play in the golf tournament as well as our brother-in-law Jeff.  Hunter and I will head down to Moyock later on in the day for the rest of the events.  If you were wondering, Dalton was released from CHKD but Michelle is still in critical condition in the burn unit.  Keep praying!

I will have a post of my favorite pictures from Hunter's 1 year photo session with Sarah hopefully by the end of this week.

I bought an iPhone!!  Woohoo!  Too bad I need to upgrade my Macbook to Lion for the two to be compatible.  I apparently have Snow Leopard.  That will be $30.  Hopefully they won't come out with "Tiger" (or whatever they might call their next software) anytime soon.  The point of this blurb... if you have any good apps you recommend for Hunter and I let me know!  I've downloaded a few for Hunter (some I like, some I don't, now just to figure out how to delete the ones I don't like!) and I've downloaded some free speech apps.  Maybe I will like using it in therapy so much that we buy an iPad2 (Sams sells them for $488... we became members this weekend).

We have been busy with birthday parties this weekend.  We had our niece Carolyn's on Saturday and we went to Ella's on Monday night.

Playing in Ella's toy room

Happy birthday sweet Ella!
Oh, and just incase I forget...
Thanks Facebook... I sure hope you post this on Carl's page, hahaha.  I love how it says, "Send him a message."  Maybe I will call him instead... or talk to him in person, we are married and all.


Anonymous said...

YAY for an iphone. I have a TON of apps. You should join instagram. :) Happy early Anniversary in case I forget.

Brittney said...

Crazy - I have that rocking horse! My grandfather bought it for me 1982 - I've never seen another one like it. Ella has awesome taste in toys!