Sunday, August 14, 2011


New post title for the new phone... woohoo.  And now that I have this phone, I take a TON of pictures.  Sorry for the picture overload!

We had a fun filled week.  We watched Emma two mornings, so I got to practice having 2 kids.  I didn't even try to explain to people in the mall that she wasn't mine.  I just rolled with it.

 Hunter and I headed to the Children's Museum again.  I looked in the mirror at a stop light and saw he still had his sunglasses on.  It was too cute not to take a picture.  They actually stayed on the whole trip!
 This is what he does most mornings to I can shower.  He then takes a bath while I dry my hair (I am in the same bathroom and watch him the whole time... I've gotten good at drying my hair without looking at the mirror).
 Emma at story time.  She wanted me to send a picture to her mommy.
 My daredevil at The Little Gym.  He loves to climb!
 Hunter LOVES to be read to!  If he sees a book, he grabs it and brings it to you.  If you're on the floor he just sits on your lap, if you're on the couch he comes over and says, "Up!"
 Playing with sock monkey.  He eventually wanted sock monkey off of his toy, but was content pushing him around for about 2 minutes.
 The zoo hosted a breakfast for their members Saturday morning.  They had some good food and you were able to see some of the animals eat their breakfast.  I took this so I would have a quick reference as to where we needed to go.
 And his new winter hats came in the mail!  They turned out great!  We purchased them from Sew Sweet, the same lady who made his bear and monster hat.

 Two hungry boys at the Weshler Family Fundraiser.
Apparently we need to get a recycle trash can with a lid.


Sarah said...

Love his new hats. Great photos. So glad you have an iphone. You need to join instagram. :)

Tiffany said...

What is instagram? lol