Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blackberry Pics

Hunter and I have been very much enjoying our Y membership (especially the outdoor pool!).  He was just hanging out while I was getting him changed into dry clothes.

 My friend Devyn posted DIY sunburst mirror.  I just had to make one.  My original spot for it (it isn't completed in this picture) wasn't large enough, so I had to choose a different spot.  I will post a picture of it once that spot is painted.

 Hunter enjoying his oatmeal breakfast.  I let him finish it by feeding himself.  He did pretty well.

This is how Seal was positioned when I walked into Hunter's room.  He looked so sad stuck in the crib.

And this is how my bathroom looks most mornings.  One this morning Hunter decided he wanted to take a shower with me (which he has always hated showers!).  He sat in there and played with his ball and tiger the entire shower!

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