Monday, May 10, 2010


I can officially start signing my name this way (okay, so not really until my degree posts in June, but still). I graduated with my Master's on Saturday! Yay! It feels great knowing that I am finished with school.... FOREVER! If I go back, it isn't because I have to, but because I want to. But that wouldn't be for a loooong time.

When I first started the program, I told my family that when I was finished, I would not go to my graduation. My undergrad graduation was awful and I didn't know anyone (I graduated a year before all my friends, and no one was in the same "college" as me, so I still wouldn't have been able to sit with them). But, after 3 years of being with the same people, they become your family. I love all the girls I have met in our program. And I met one of my best friends the first day of grad school, so how could I not want to celebrate our big achievement?!

Celebrating after our last exam

Anyways, we had to line up in our football garage (when I graduated with my BS, we lined up inside one of our buildings, with A/C) and we stood there for about an hour and a half.

I'll admit, I sat on the ground for the last 20 minutes or so because it was just getting way too hot to stand.

We then proceeded to march across the courtyard and stomp on the seal (you don't step on it until graduation, it is a superstition).

We went inside the Ted Constant Center and took our seats. I have no idea what our speaker said, we were too busy taking pictures and text messaging (I know, rude).

We went, had our pictures taken a few times, handed our name card off to the name announcer, and shook hands with (I believe) our president. There are two lines on either side of the stage, so I'm not sure if we were in the line our president was in.

Funny side note... his last name is Broderick and he sounds just like the actor Matthew Broderick.

After graduation, Carl and I went to the SLP reception in our child study center (where I spent three semesters doing therapy, talking with families, and writing therapy plans, progress reports, semester work plans, and end of the semester reports). Carl met a few of my professors and one of my on-campus supervisors. I did not introduce him to one of my professors because I know she likes to corner people and then they eventually have to be rescued. She is very sweet, but she is a close talker and my husband is already uncomfortable in social situations where he doesn't really know anyone.

We loved this professor. We would come into class and she would say, "You won't have this slide in your notes because the article just came out yesterday." Why can't all professors have current information relevant to our field?! 1960 research that is incorrect now, does not help.
In front of our Child Study Center
That's Ashley and Chris.

We went to lunch with Ashley and her family and her fiance, Chris, and his family at Baker's Crust. It was yummy! Carl and I had never been, and I don't think Ashley and Chris had ever been either. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Miller for a wonderful lunch!

Now it is just waiting for little Hunter to arrive. Ashley and I plan to go to the beach/pool and make the most of the month she has before she starts work at CHKD. I'm so excited that she was hired for the job she has been holding out for! Yay Ashley!

Thanks Carl for all your love and support during these past 3 crazy years of grad school!

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Ashley said...

yay, congrats!!!

:) i'm so glad we got to all sit by each other; I would have been SO bored otherwise!

see ya at the beach ;)