Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hunter In 3d!

We went for another 3d/4d ultrasound at Prenatal Imaging, Inc. on Saturday. We had quite the audience (or, I should say Hunter had quite the audience)! Carl's mom, Nana, sister, and two nieces came and my mom, two sisters, niece, and friend Katie came.

Hunter cooperated for a whole 3 minutes. We got a few good pictures of his chubby face. He has very chubby cheeks and we are told he has a lot of hair (probably dark like his Daddy).

I love this little chubby face. 8 weeks and 1 day until he is due!

After about 3 minutes, Hunter decided he was finished getting his picture taken. He put both his hands and a foot in front of his face! A foot, really? We did everything to get him to move: drank a soda, went on my side, did pelvic tilts, walked around.... NOTHING! He didn't care what you did to him, he wasn't moving (well, he would kick us with his other foot to let us know he was annoyed). Stubborn baby, like his father! At least he is head down now and hopefully by the time it's time to push him out he will have decided to move that foot. We got a picture of him sticking his toes in his nose, typical boy.

There is a hand in front of his lips and a foot by the right side of his head
Now both hands are there
Yep, he was finished

Little stinker
This was cute... at one point you could actually see his eye peeking through his fingers

Foot on his head
Ryleigh took a front row seat to my belly. She had brought her very own camera to take pictures with. She would push the button and say, "Here's a picture of your belly, Tiffs." She thought the "doctor" was going to take Hunter out of my belly. My sister told her he was still cooking. When I met them at their house on Sunday to go to the circus, she asked me if he was coming out, and I said no. She asked if he was still cookin' and I said yes. She then asked me what he was cookin', lol. She cracks me up. She also asked if he had a door that he was going to come out of... not exactly.

I think Carl is a little confused as to who is actually having the baby....

And I just love this picture

Insane the things ultrasounds see now!

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