Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hunter's First Swim and Randomness

Hunter finally went swimming this week in our parents' neighbors' pool. The temperature in their pool is like bath water and they have a wonderful set up with umbrellas and chairs, perfect for shading a small baby. Thank you, Lucy, for allowing us to use your pool!

He wasn't too happy at first, but he was hungry. After we fed him, he enjoyed the water. The experience must have worn him out because he slept from 9:30-6:15 that night. Or it could have been the rice I put in his bottle. :]
But I'm hungry!!!
Molly loves "baby"
"If you let him go, will he sink?"

Long day at the pool

I've been enjoying my last week off from work with him. I'm getting in lots of cuddle time and morning smiles. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful friend, Kelly, who will be taking care of him when she isn't working (and until she decides he is too much with her 21 month old daughter, Emma... :] ). Hunter just loves his Aunt Kelly and Emma. I admit, I had a moment on Friday freaking out about leaving him, but I know he is in wonderful hands.
This is what Emma enjoyed doing at the mall

We had family pictures done today with my sister and her family. I cannot wait to see them! Sarah was very patient with all of us and just kept snapping pictures. Carl and I were late (VDOT decided the High Rise grates needed to be cleaned this morning) and when we got there she had already taken over 100 pictures of my sister's family. :] Amazing. She has a facebook photography page and a blog. Thanks again, Sarah! I cannot wait! I'm stealing her sneak peak to show you guys (it has her logo... and when I say "you guys" I mean the whole 5 of you that probably read my blog, haha). :]
Friday we had practice for kickball. Our team is looking pretty good this year. I'm very excited because we have lots of friends on the team this year. :] Hunter enjoyed watching for a little while, but then got too hot.

I went with Ashley and Rachael for a pedicure today. Hunter got to meet the ladies that would massage me elephantitis legs while I was pregnant with him. The smell is not strong at all in there if you are thinking I'm a terrible mother for taking my infant to a nail salon. He ate and slept the whole time. :]

Hunter will be officially 2 months old tomorrow. Still doing the same things... I don't think he has done anything new since my last post. He will laugh hysterically in his sleep and I have now heard him laugh at us (just not like he does in his sleep). He is only on Soy formula (discovered he is like his daddy and can't handle milk... we self diagnosed him). We stopped nursing last Thursday because he was still waking up at night uncomfortable from gas (after we would nurse). I was sad because I loved that time with him, but he is no longer uncomfortable so that is all that matters.
But I don't like tummy time!

My first day of "new teacher training" is on Wednesday. I'm nervous/excited/don't want to leave my baby. I know I will very much enjoy my job; I am at a wonderful elementary school with a wonderful staff. I can't wait to do therapy with the kiddos in the school, this is my first time in the schools (as a speech therapist... I did practicums in undergrad for teaching). Wish me luck!


Sarah Halstead said...

Good Luck next week. I love that duck thing where did you get it? I enjoyed taking y'alls pictures and you are more then welcome to post them. :D

Tiffany said...

Our friends gave it to us once their daughter had out grown it. I have seen them at Babies R Us and TJ Maxx. :]

Tiffany said...

Our friends gave it to us once their daughter had out grown it. I have seen them at Babies R Us and TJ Maxx. :]