Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's between the legs?!

Waiting to see our baby on the big screen

We got to see our baby's profile in this picture first....

Then, she looked between the legs and I saw this (before she typed on there)...

I said out loud, "It's a boy!" There was no doubt about it. And he definitely wasn't shy about letting us know the whole time we were watching him. He even gave us a show by peeing while we were in the 3D view.

You really have to go to the very end, then rewind to tell what is going on.

The lady spent a very long time with us. The description says 10 minutes, but we spent at least 30 minutes in there, even with getting such great pictures. She had also done my sister's and Kelly's ultrasounds when they went to Prenatal Imaging. Here are some of my favorite photos of Hunter Allen Rhodes:

We had an entourage with us; my sister, Carl's sister, our niece, and Kelly.

Of course, Carl and I had to go to Babies R Us and purchase some boy outfits. :] I love his little rash guard and board shorts. He will be ready for the pool when he is born.

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