Sunday, January 16, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Sucking out lots of snot from a certain baby boy's nose.

Hunter started getting a cold last Saturday and Sunday night was running a low grade fever. He's had this terrible cough before, and we were put on steroids and became proud owners of a nebulizer. But he never ran a fever. So we headed into the pediatrician's on Monday morning. His ears were fine, he wasn't struggling to breathe, and he was no longer running a fever. Just a cold and it would probably get worse within the next 48 hours. That was an understatement. I'm not sure who replaced my happy, independent baby with the miserable, cuddle bug (not complaining about that part) who woke up on the wrong side of the crib every morning, but Carl and I didn't like it. Even being as miserable and cranky as he was, he was still overall a happy boy. Poor guy learned when I turned him a certain way on the floor that the snot sucker was going to be going in his nose and he anticipated it by screaming. Our neighbors probably thought we were torturing him. I felt so bad because he felt so bad. Tylenol didn't help, Motrin didn't help... Benadryl helped to dry him up some, but it came back. Luckily, he woke up in the best mood this morning. I think it is safe to say he is on the up and up. Hopefully he will start sleeping through the night again... fingers crossed. It has been getting better these past couple of days and he is sleeping later and later. He also enjoys sleeping on his side now and will roll himself on it.

These were from Sunday evening. We knew something wasn't right when he was content sitting with Carl on the couch like this:

Friday night we had Carl's work holiday dinner. It was at Captain George's. I am not a big buffet person (Carl calls me a snob) and I'm not a big seafood person (Carl is a buffet person, but not a seafood person). I guess if we were both both of those types of people, $20 per person would be worth what they offer (no, we didn't have to pay). But I love to go and see the people that I once worked with and that Carl works with (well, most of the people, haha). And the food that we did eat was really good. Hunter lasted until right before his bedtime (he is very routine oriented), so we came home and put him down for the night.

Carl also started 2 college classes on Monday. They are both online. I am very proud of him. As I type this, he is reading his history book. I some how managed to sign him up for the hardest history professor! I feel really bad about that. It is pretty ridiculous some of the stuff she is having that class do. They have to read a chapter a week, and take a 10 minute, 10 questions closed book quiz. And the questions she asks, totally random, not very important to know about history. It is pretty frustrating and I'm not even taking the class! I guess I just don't see the educational benefits of reading a textbook from front to back. His English professor seems really cool, so hopefully he will make up for my lack of researching professors.

Work has been really busy. I have had a lot of IEPs over the past month, and I have a lot coming up in Feb. We have quite a few teacher work days coming up, so I will be able to get lots of those completed on those days (and maybe organize my game/toy shelves. One wrong move and I think all of the games are going to come crashing down).

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Sarah Halstead said...

Glad he is feeling better! Cute photos.