Thursday, January 20, 2011

7 Months!

Hunter will turn 7 months on Saturday. Since I have time while he is napping, I decided to create this post. He continues to amaze us every day!

At 7 months:

-You are sitting unassisted, but we really don't worry about you just falling over. You have a lot of control when you want to lay down. You are also going from sitting to your belly and have improved this a lot. Sometimes your little foot gets stuck under you. You are also trying to go from laying to sitting. You still need lots of assistance with this, but we are getting there.
-You have been reaching for us. When you are ready to be picked up, we know it. When you are done being held by someone else, we know it.
-You "talk" non-stop (which I absolutely love).
-You are eating some table foods. You munch like a champ. You now hold the Gerber veggie stick things (whatever they are called) and take bites. You want anything and everything we are eating (which isn't always something you can eat). You are also killing Stage 2 foods.
Eating some of Mommy's Chik-fil-a wrap
-Still drink mostly from your bottles. We introduced you to the sippy cup early this month, and we haven't found one that you absolutely love yet. You learned to drink from a straw. It startles you when you first get a sip, but you smile and continue to drink. We have tried sipping from a cup, and that is okay. I want to get you a nosey cup.
-You still rarely take your paci (which, again, I love).
-Still haven't gotten crawling or scooting down yet. You try really hard and will scoot backwards, but only on occasion will you scoot a little forward.
-You love to stand. You can hold your balance for a few seconds. You have pulled up on my leg with minimal assistance. We are in trouble.
-You had your first (double) ear infection. I'm sorry I didn't understand you when you kept screaming at me most of the day. But, we got it taken care of. And (knock on wood) the antibiotics have really seemed to help. Only 7 more doses.
-You look for things once you drop them or they have been taken away from you. I'm not sure we will be able to keep hiding our phones from you.
-You really like to watch yourself on our phones. Even when you were a little baby. You smile and talk back to yourself.
I have that same expression looking at prices


Sarah Halstead said...

Great update. He is growing up so quickly!

Kathy said...

He really is growing up SO fast!!!