Monday, February 8, 2010

And then there was 1

We went on Friday to EVMS for our level 2 ultrasound. This ultrasound tech was super friendly. Actually, everyone I encountered at EVMS was very friendly (even the check-in lady). The whole time the tech was looking at Hunter, she was telling us what she was looking at, how it looked, etc. The only thing I had a problem with was when she wanted Hunter to move (which, for once, he was calm and just relaxing) she started jabbing my stomach with the wand (yes, that is a technical term). All of his measurements looked good. The smaller cyst was completely gone and the larger cyst has gotten smaller. Yay!! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! The tech and the doctor that came in said we don't have anything to worry about.... we are very low risk, all of his measurements are normal, and these things occur in healthy babies. The term "cyst" sounds so bad... all these "cysts" are is a collection of cerebral spinal fluid and it is believed that it is just reabsorbed back into the brain. CSF is what keeps bathes our brains and acts as a sort of cushion. It is made in the Choriod Plexus... hence the name "Choriod Plexus Cyst". The only thing I'm worried about is his big head... it is in the 90th percentile, measuring over a week ahead. I'm not worried that anything is wrong (he is going to be really smart, lots of brains), I'm worried about birthing that head! lol

Sweet baby boy
I love his little feet

My sister came with us to the appointment. She brought us some really cute newborn outfits. :] She said she had tried to find boat shoes for him (my favorite!), but she couldn't find any at Target. I think I'm just going to have to go to Babies R Us and buy the pair I found (even though Carl really dislikes boat shoes... it's not like I make him wear boat shoes! Although, I would totally buy him a pair). Thanks Mel for being an awesome sister/best friend!

We got a TON of pictures from the ultrasound! Mel said he was throwing "gang" signs out for us because he knows his daddy is from P-town, haha. I saw them as a peace sign and an a-okay sign. :] He was sitting with his little legs crossed this time around, rather than showing off his man parts. He is still breech, but hopefully he will flip on his own eventually. I'd prefer not having my midwife trying to turn him... that just seems like it would be uncomfortable.

He's saying, "Everything is okay!"

As I write this, Hunter is going crazy. I even saw my belly jump from one of his kicks/punches. I still can't tell the difference between which is which. I have tricked him into thinking he is in the car by playing music on the computer. He is always so active when I'm driving and I think it is because of the music. Even if it isn't, just let me be the crazy pregnant lady who thinks it. :]

Almost 22 weeks

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