Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Hunter had a wonderful first Christmas! He was very well behaved and just chilled where ever he was. It wasn't until close to bath/bed time that he started to get cranky and only wanted Mommy and Daddy. Unfortunately it just so happened to be the time we went down to visit my parents' neighbor who has watched me grow up. Sorry, Lucy. Hunter does love you!

Santa visited our house around 9. Hunter must have been worn out from the excitement of Santa's visit because he was in bed by 7:45 Christmas Eve. Santa did not go overboard. Hunter is 6 months old and will not remember this Christmas. We got little small things for him and his big gift was his ball pit.
The bone is for Koal.. not Hunter... see:

Looking at the box, I would have never guessed the size of this thing. I only got one bag of balls; I guess I need to get another bag.

Hunter started kicking in his crib around 6, but I brought him into our bed and he slept until 8. We got up, ate some breakfast, and he played with his Santa toys. I am not a fan of wrapping things, so everything from us was from Santa.
Not so sure...
Warming up...
I'll just play outside this crazy thing
How could you have Christmas without turtle?

Around 11:30, Carl's mom, sister, and two nieces came over to open gifts. Hunter was spoiled with new clothes, and we were very spoiled with Target gift cards (thank you again!). We have already used them (plus the one my mom and Kelly got us).... 10 cans of Hunter's formula, a set of PJs, Pedialyte, and a container for Hunter's old clothes. Hunter and Carl's youngest niece, Carolyn, played in the ball pit most of the time.
Hunter and Nina


We then headed to my parents' house for brunch. After hearing Ryleigh ask, "Can we open presents NOW?" a million times, we finally passed out gifts and opened them. In the old days, we went youngest to oldest, opening one gift at a time. Now with so many grandchildren and the adults really not having gifts to open, everyone just opens the gifts at the same time. Again, Hunter was spoiled with gifts and we were spoiled with gift cards. Thanks guys!
Aunt Nat

Like last year, we did Secret Santa. I was able to get Mel a canvas print of the girls from the beach photo session with Sarah; Carl got Jeremy a Visa gift card. I got a NY&C gift card from Jeremy; Carl got a golf chipping net from Nat. I have no idea what Natalie got, sorry Nat!

Thank you everyone for making Hunter's first Christmas wonderful! And thank you to those who got Hunter gifts, but gave them to him before Christmas. :]
Like these slippers from Aunt Ashley and Uncle Chris

And this fun driving toy from Aunt Kelly, Uncle Harry, and Emma

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day. Hunter got a ton of neat things. How did Mel like her canvas?