Monday, December 6, 2010

Teething: Part II

Apparently I do not have real wood in this house. This second tooth of Hunter's is causing us some problems. Not during the day. He is all happy and chewing on his hands, talking it up, saying "momma." How could anyone be mad at that? But at night... he is fussy in his sleep, doing this every hour. It is worse than when he was a newborn. At least we got 3-4 hours of straight sleep. I may have to break down and buy "Sophie the Giraffe".

I attempted to get a photo of the tooth, but after a billion attempts, no luck. It is his bottom right tooth, which his tongue is perfectly hiding. I just love his face in this picture.


Anonymous said...

Aww! Hope he is feeling better soon. Have you tried giving him some tylenol before bed?

Tiffany said...

We tried Tylenol and it didn't work for him. So we went to Motrin and it worked wonders. :] He hasn't needed it since Monday night.