Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starting "The Good Stuff"

I will use "the good stuff" lightly. I'm not sure how good pureed baby food can taste. Hunter thinks it's the best thing since Nutramigen. The ones he likes, I can't shovel in fast enough.

We haven't seen the pediatrician to get the "go-ahead" to start baby food, but I have been doing a lot of research. I know from my feeding and swallowing class that he was definitely ready to start. He was showing lots of interest in everything we were eating, he is sitting up unassisted, and he can sit in the highchair at a 90 degree angle. I researched what foods babies are least likely to be allergic to, and we started with those. We have been doing the same food for 2-3 days (I know it is suppose to be for 4 days).

So far, we have tried squash, sweet potato, banana, carrots, and peas. He LOVES bananas and he likes carrots. He tolerates squash and sweet potato. We tried peas tonight and he was not a fan. This was basically the face he gave me:

We will keep trying with that one. He does not like his cereal. We had to buy an organic brand because it was not made with soy. Again, after a few bites I got this face:

He loves to play with the spoon and bowl. He likes to "help" me hold the spoon and put it in his mouth. He's pretty good.