Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!

We have gotten snow twice this week. This is very atypical in Hampton Roads. We rarely see any snow! The first day it snowed, I was at work. I really wanted to get a picture of Hunter in it while it was coming down, but no luck. I had an IEP meeting that afternoon, and on the way home it stopped snowing. But I was able to get pictures of Hunter in the snow.

On Wednesday, the weather channel was calling for a lot of snow starting Thursday around 10 (when I say a lot I mean 3 inches... this shuts down all of Hampton Roads). When I woke up on Thursday, school had been canceled due to the snow (that hadn't started to fall). It did start to snow around 10:30 and we did get about 3 inches. That snow also got us a 2 hour delay on Friday. Hunter wasn't so sure about all that cold, white stuff falling from the sky. I did enjoy dressing him up in the snowsuit I purchased when I was a few weeks pregnant. :]
Christmas Story anyone?!

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Anonymous said...

So adorable! :D I still can't believe we are getting so much snow.