Monday, December 6, 2010

In Other News

This past Saturday, while at our The Little Gym class, Hunter decided it was his time to start sitting unassisted. It was awesome. It is just crazy how little things like a first tooth or sitting up make you feel so proud. He is very excited about his new found skill. He is still perfecting it.

Don't mind the missing sock. This happens all the time

He has also been saying "momma". I'm not exactly sure if he is putting meaning behind it, but he seems to say it when he can't see me. I'm just excited because typically "dada" is the first set of C-V-C-V babies do. Take that Carl! :] I say it's because he has a mommy who is an SLP.

And here are my attempts at getting a picture of Hunter with our "R" ornament. He likes to throw things and put them in his mouth.


Sarah Halstead said...

Cute photos! Love the one of you and Hunter.

Tiffany said...

Thanks! :] We ordered our Christmas cards with one of your pictures! :]