Friday, December 17, 2010


Hunter has been saying "mama" for a few weeks now. Recently this week, he has started saying "dada" and yesterday he was saying "hi" to everyone on TV. Too cute.

His second tooth has poked through. He looks so cute with his two little bottom teeth.

He is trying to crawl and spends a lot of time on his belly trying to figure it out. He has his hands in the right spot and can get his legs under him, but hasn't quite figured out how to move them together. When his legs aren't under him, he kicks them wildly trying to move. I think it will happen when we aren't looking.

In other news... our Christmas cards will be out in the mail tomorrow. I officially finished Christmas shopping last weekend, but I am waiting for some of it to be delivered. Everything that is here is wrapped. I really do not enjoy wrapping. I bought Hunter an ornament. I plan on buying him an ornament every year. Once he is old enough to move out on his own, he will have X number of ornaments for his tree. We will do this with any other children we have (most likely child).

Monday and Tuesday are my last days of school until after the new year. December has been very busy; I have had a lot of IEP meetings. I have a few in January, so I have had to plan and set dates for those, as well as write the new IEPs. This is the busiest I have been all year. The week and a half break will be much appreciated and I am going to love spending all day with my little man.

I love working and it really makes me appreciate my time with him. We work to give him the best life we can. We have to pay my student loan somehow! Hopefully we will be able to pay for most of his school, but I would like him to take some responsibility of his education. Now I'm just rambling....

If I don't post before, Merry Christmas!

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Sarah Halstead said...

Merry Christmas to you too. Can't wait to see your Christmas card. He is growing up too fast!!