Thursday, December 30, 2010

6 month check-up

We had Hunter's 6 month check-up today. He had a great time talking to himself in the mirror and trying to get his reflection's feet. We didn't have our usual pediatrician since we had to reschedule due to the snow storm. My only complaint is there doesn't seem to be "notes" written on the computer chart. More on that later.

He weighs 18 pounds, 7 oz- 60 %ile
He is 27 1/4 inches- 69%ile
Head circumference is 45 cm- 76 %ile

Hunter had to get 4 shots and an oral vaccine. We always tell him that they are to keep him healthy and others healthy. I know right now he doesn't understand, but hopefully this will help as he gets older to prevent him from being scared. I don't want to act like it is a bad thing. We brought turtle along and gave it to him right before the shots. He did a lot better with the shots today; he only cried a little bit and then just whined about the whole ordeal.

The pediatrician said he is going along nicely on his growth curve. We are to start giving him more baby food and less formula. She seemed to be under the impression we had been giving him baby food for a while now (when really, it has only been a few weeks). This is where those "notes" would come in handy. We weren't even suppose to start him on baby food until after this appointment according to our usual pediatrician due to his allergies. But we are now allowed to start him on Stage 2 and the meats. We were even told to give him a Cheerio to see if he would munch it. I opted for the Puffs because they dissolve better (in my opinion). He did munch it, but I think I need to get a different flavor. He loves bananas, so I figured he would like banana flavored puffs.... not so much. I want to give him bananas in his mesh feeder to see how he likes that.

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Anonymous said...

Adorable!! Food at this point is really just to get them used to it. They get most of their nutrition from formula/breast milk. Carsyn does love puffs though. :) Sounds like he is growing good.