Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zoo Boo!

This year we went to the Zoo Boo.  Hunter absolutely loves the zoo and all of the animals and I thought it was an added bonus to dress up and go trick-or-treating and watch animals "carve" pumpkins.  We saw the tigers (they were hilarious) and bears playing/eating pumpkins.  Hunter did well going up to the strangers as long as he had both Carl and me.  The one time I didn't go up with them so I could snap a picture, Hunter would lift up his basket and acted very shy.  Stinker.

Checking out the birds while saying and signing "bird"

Poor guys... they always look so unhappy (there is one hiding under the blanket)

Checking out the bears

Checking out the Tapir... the female is always squealing!

Even the train had a costume on!

Stuffing the pumpkin with pine cones

Looking at the "raff" as Hunter calls it

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