Monday, November 28, 2011


Friday night Kelly hosted a Pampered Chef party.  I got to snuggle this little cutie.  She looks just like Emma did when she was her age.  It is incredible.  Oh, and if you're interested in purchasing Pampered Chef stuff, I'm doing a catalog party and you can make orders online.

We went to Winter Wonderland- The Coleman Collection.  This is included in our Children's Museum Membership.  The display plus a whole lot more was at Coleman's Nursery, but it kept burning down.  They moved it to its new location and it does not have a lot.  Hunter enjoyed the "choo-choo" and chased it around the track.

We then walked down the street to the museum.  In the toddler section, Hunter found the abacus and a bucket and decided to do some math.

This weekend was gorgeous.  We definitely didn't want to waste it being inside.  We took a mile and a half walk around a lake near our house.


Hugh Mongous said...
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Brittney said...
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Brittney said...

Hunt Club's collection of Coleman's stuff is way better - not worth the trip to P-Town just for that. You're lucky you had the membership to the museum!

Tiffany said...

Agreed, I don't think we would have paid $3 a person if we didn't have the pass. As we were walking up to the Portsmouth one, Carl and I were discussing that we had been a few years back. He said, "Is it the one that we said sucked and we would never go back?" haha... yes, that would be the one.